Suction Side Vac Port to Install

by Scott
(DesMoines,Iowa, USA)

I would like to install a through the wall suction side vac-port in my 16x26 oval above ground pool. I have looked at the pool sites and they all lead me toward the pool vacuums.

I see the vacs come with a little safety door closure, but I am looking for the through the wall pieces that the door closure attaches too also.

Where can I find a part number to order these pieces or can I use standard schedule 40 pvc and if so will the safety door work on the pvc.

Thanks, by the way, this is the most informative site I have came across all in one place.

Hi Scott.

Thanks, glad you find the site informative.

return fitting

This is what you are looking for. At In The Swim you can type "Complete Return Fitting" in the search window and this is what come up.

It is around eleven dollars. Some places sell these without the directional flow fitting, and that is fine also.

To install the fitting you simply use a good quality 2 1/2" hole saw and drill a hole in the wall. Be sure to install it below water level. How far below water level does not matter.

The outside is threaded for 1 1/2" pvc so if you are hard plumbing you need a 1 1/2" male adapter. From there you go straight to inch and half pipe.

On the inside you have a couple of choices. You could use the cover that you were talking about. The inside of the fitting is threaded, this fitting just replaces the directional flow eyeball.

You could also buy the two dollar hose adapter and insert that into the fitting, the vac hose would go right onto that. If you use that option is is a good idea to pick up a standard PVC 1 1/2" plug that you could thread into the opening when the cleaner is not hooked up.

Setting up a valve between your skimmer and cleaner ports is also helpful. You want just enough suction to keep the cleaner in motion and no more, the rest should go to the skimmer.

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Add an Additional Jet

by Emmet
(New York)

I bought an 18' x 40' pool and I am contemplating adding an additional jet and skipper drain on the opposing end of the factory install locations. I was never pleased with the flow and drain circulation of my much smaller above ground pool and added just an additional jet and I felt it greatly improved water circulation. Are there any pros or cons to my idea for such a long pool.

Thanks Again, Emmet

Hi Emmet.

A second return is strongly recommended for any pump size over 1HP. It is also very helpful with a large oval like yours as long as you have enough pump power to get the water all the way to the far end of the pool.

Larger HP pumps draw more water than they can release with just one return. Adding the second return evens the intake and output.

The addition of a second intake is optional, it will not make nearly as much difference as the second return.

If it were mine I would add the second return at the far end, like you suggested. I would then add the same type fitting, but plumbed into the intake line, about midway down the pool.

A suction line a foot or so down the wall, and in about the center of the pool, makes an ideal hookup for an automatic pool cleaner.

I much prefer using a pool cleaner as opposed to installing a typical main drain.

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