AGP Top Rail Installation Issues

by Erik

I just spent all day installing my new Lomart 24' AGP. Everything was done meticulously. Ground 1/2" max level difference across pool, checked roundness 3-4 times, liner stretching in fine until I went to finalize the liner install and now the top rails wont meet properly.

I work around and when I'm done I end up with about 2-3" gap between rail and support bracket. I tried pulling it together and the wall buckles and comes out of the metal top rails. I have it as tight as I can right now but it's not in the correct holes for screws. I stopped filling at about 2' until I get this figured out. Please help!

Hi Erik.

Some pools are notorious for not being able to use the designated top rail screw holes, but Lomart is not one of them. They usually fit just the way they should every time. I would make one more check and be positive you are using the right holes. Last I remember they had some crazy labeling like place hole 3 over hole b and hole 5 over hole d. It was a little strange and difficult to figure out sometimes but it had to be just right or nothing worked.

setting pool top rails

What you do not want to do is make up a bunch of difference all at one post. As you start putting the rails on, start checking the posts. They should all be straight up and down. If the screw holes are not right it is usually very evident after about four or five rails. The posts will start to angle. All the posts need to be straight up and down and if you find a hole pattern that will do this, that's the one to use. Never let you posts lean and you will always come out right in the end.

On those rare pools where the hole patterns don't work that's pretty much how we do it. We level each post and set the rail where it needs to be. We try to keep all the spaces between the rails the same and all the post level up and down. It will always work out when done this way.

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Jun 02, 2010
Thank you!
by: Erik

Thanks for the help. I worked on it half the night and it works great now. I switched to another top rail pattern which is only about 1/16 inch different on each side of the post and did as you suggested. It worked out perfectly. Thank you so much!

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