Algae in an Above Ground Pool

by Mishon
(Fergus Falls, MN)

Algae in Above Ground Pool

Algae in Above Ground Pool

We have a 24 ft. round above ground pool that I can't seem to get clean. We have debris on the bottom of the pool, it looks white, along with green, almost in the shape of "small" worms, (sorry that's the only way to describe it.) I have been shocking the pool, brushing it, and then vacuuming it, but I cant seem to get it all up.

I have used an algae treatment, but it is seeming impossible to clear it off the bottom. When it does get stirred up, it has a very rank smell, almost a dead smell. Any good suggestions for me??? I have been told to try and super shock it, by adding way more shock than I normally do, is this a good way to go? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks so much!

Hi Mishon

Yes, I would shock the pool and run the filter non stop until you get rid of this stuff. Vinyl shock treatment and running the filter non stop are my secrets to getting rid of most any water problems. If anyone else has had this particular problem we would love to hear from you. Let us know what worked for you.

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Jul 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

After many many days of rain in the New Orleans area i too had a small alage bloom. I shocked the pool then treated the pool with a strong dose of algecide. After that I added a flocculant (sp?)to settle everything, ran the filter for a day then shut it off for 2 days to allow everything to settle. I then vacuumed to WASTE not Filter. The water ran directly to my drain pipe. This took about a day to do because I had to add water 3 times because the water dropped below the skimmer basket. However this did the trick, my pool is crystal clear.


Aug 09, 2011
I Also Had This Pool Problem
by: Feenix

I unfortunately had such a bad case that the water wasn't recyclable, the water was forest green, I ended up emptying it then washing it with a wet vac, and a hose after getting most of it out, I filled it up and bleached the whole pool with 5 gallons of chlorine which is enough for a 10,000 gallon pool, which I have a 5,000 gallon pool and only had 100 gallons at the time after doing that I never had a problem again.

It was expensive with the water but now the water is so much better it feels like silk. The only issue I had was my garden hose was putting phosphor, it was basically putting metal in the pool so after treating it for that it became clear again. I have not had a bad case before which putting a lot of chlorine wouldn't do the trick, I would put 5, maybe 7.5 gallons, if i were you and let that do it's thing. I'm sure 5 is good though.

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