Aqua Leader Pool Liner Question

(Algoma, WI)

I purchased a 15 yr old Aqua Leader Concerto pool. I was told it is 24'x 52" round and it is a beaded liner.

I need to replace the liner when I set it up next spring and was told that I have to purchase liner from Aqua Leader since it was made in Canada that the liner would be metric and that a liner purchased anywhere else would not fit.

Has anyone heard of this? Also, the bead of the liner does not look like any beaded liner that I have seen online. Could be a j-hook or uni-bead?

Any help would be appreciated. Pool was taken down before I got there, so I don't know what pieces are for the top to tell what kind of liner it takes. I will try to get picture of edge of liner and put it on this page. Thank you.

Hi. I have heard many times that Aqua Leader pools are slightly smaller than others and that their bead is different. I would call In The Swim and talk with one of their liner experts. If there is a way to get a liner for that pool, without going with the Aqua Leader brand, they will know.

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May 29, 2020
Aqualeader pool
by: Anonymous

Purchased a pool that the walls look like the model Opus by aqualeader on the INYO website. However the uprights and caps are different and match the Oceanic by Wilbur. If you actually click on replacement parts for the OPIUs a different wall design is shown.

So confused as to what model and make this pool is. I think it is a 2010 or 2011 model.

Any ideas?

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Aqualeader 27’ Liner Question

by Raymond

Aqualeader Rubber Seat Caps

Aqualeader Rubber Seat Caps

I have a used Aqualeader 27 ft pool. I'm told it's about 6 years old. I would like to know what model it is. The one unique feature the pool has is that the seat caps are rubber and not hard plastic.

The other question I have is, I read online that Aqualeader used to make 27 ft pools that were really 26ft 8 in. I would like to know if a standard 27 ft liner will fit or do I need to get a custom liner? I emailed Aqualeader this question, with no reply. Thank you

Hi Raymond.

I am probably not going to be much help here. I am posting your questions in case another reader has had more experience with Aqualeader pools. All pools vary in their measurements. Seldom does a 27' pool have a radius of exactly 13' 6". They all vary by as much as a few inches. So my guess is that a standard 27' liner would fit just fine.

I know I have built dozens of pools with the top caps you are showing in the photo. But since it was not a pool one of my regular dealers sold, there is no way I could come up with a model name. When you are installing several a day, they all start to look the same.

The comment forms are easy to use if anyone has more information than what I just provided.

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May 29, 2015
Aqua Leader Top Cap replacement
by: Amy

Where can I purchase some Aqua Leader top caps for my pool? I have looked everywhere on the internet and cant find them. Thank you for any help.

Oct 30, 2015
pool size
by: Anonymous

Howdy. You can buy a liner anywhere for your pool. All you need to identify your size is to measure the inside perimeter of your pool wall. Round or oval, that length, the height of the wall and the type of bead tells the story of your pool to the store that has a relationship with a manufacturer. Most quality retail stores have that relationship. The measurements can be in inches no problem. For bead type visit the liner page at It defines type of bead with clarity.

May 21, 2021
Aqua leader sizing
by: Papa

This is probably to late, but I am paying the price for buying a 30’ round liner online for my pool. My pool purchase receipt shows a 30’ by 52" but does say AQUALEADER on it. Aqua leader pools are not a true to size. With your 27’ I’ll assume the true dimension is actually less and so if purchase other than an aqua leader brand liner it will be oversized. With mine wall areas wrinkled and above waterline areas look baggy. Liner was a j-hook install

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27' Aqua Leader Concerto Pool

When we purchased our home it had a pool already in place. The pool is a 27'x52" Aqua Leader concerto pool that was purchased in 2000. We are now needing a new liner. I have measured the diameter of the pool and it is measuring 26'x 9".

The company the pool was purchased from is telling us that we need a specific liner and that a traditional 27' liner will not fit. Any suggestions? The one on the internet is about $100 cheaper.


I don't have personal experience with Aqua Leader pools but have heard it mentioned many times that standard liners will not fit them.

The 26' 9" seems a little small for a 27' pool, they usually measure larger, closer to the listed size.

If it is beaded liner the difference might be in the wall height. That you could double check by measuring your pool and then call the liner company and get there specs.

I installed a standard liner in an Esther Williams pool once. The base was fine but the sides were a mess. There was so much extra liner and no place to put it. The wall was no where near the 48" the liner measured.

If it were me I would pay the extra hundred and know that I had a liner that would fit the pool.

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May 31, 2014
Go ahead and buy the cheaper one
by: Anonymous

We have a concerto and bought our liner from in the swim. No problems.

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How to Measure Pool for Liner

by Denny
(Union, MO)

I tore down an older pool, I quickly measured it at the top rail and think its a 24' pool. The people I got it from don't know anything about it.

At the time I was tearing it apart I didn't measure it between the walls, didn't know that's how you measure to get your pool size.

What I'm asking is can't I draw a radius on a flat surface and lay my bottom track on it and wont that tell me my size of pool?

I drew a radius on my driveway and it came out to be 23'7'' , do they make a pool that size? The track fit perfectly, and yes I am a carpenter, I can read and use a tape measure.

Could you tell me some names of pool companies that would make pools that size and where to get a liner at, cause the pool companies around my house are idiots, they say there is not a pool that size. Could I use a 24' liner or would that be to big, oh and the side of the pool measures 51 1/2'' so that would be a 52'' pool right?

Thanks, I'm learning with pools my first one.

Hi Denny

There is only one company that I know of that makes an odd size pool. I'm pretty sure it is a Trevi pool, in which case, you would probably need one of their liners.

Another possibility would be to adjust the gap in the bottom rails at the footplates. It would be easy to increase the gap all the way around and get it to measure a 24'. That is the standard size and that is probably what you have. Unless you have that one pool that is a few inches small.

Check your bottom plates closely and see if you can see where the rails were set. There should be rust marks indicating the proper rail gap.

You either have that odd sized pool or your rail gaps need to be a little larger, one or the other.

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Measuring the Wall to Find Liner Size

Hi! We just purchased an older Aqua Leader pool from someone today who told us the measurements were 27' x 54". However, in all the paperwork he gave me, the Aqua Leader Concerto is what was in the packet, and I've found that's a 52" pool not 54". I measured the pool wall and it is 51.5". Before I order a 54" liner, I need to know if that is right, or should I go with the 52" based on the wall measurement?


You should always go with the size that is closest to what you measure. In your case you have a 52" wall.

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