Aqua Leader Liner

by Wil

Is there a difference between a 15' round above ground pool liner compared to a 15' round Aqua Leader Liner?

Hi Wil.

No, there is nothing special about an Aqua Leader liner. All the Aqua Leader pools I have installed have used a j-hook liner. Any j-hook or uni-bead liner should work just fine, they are all about the same.

It's important to check up under your top rails and make sure that's what you have before ordering one. A j-hook liner will attach directly over the top of the pool wall. The top of the liner is heavy plastic that hooks directly over the liner pool sidewall. Over top of that will be the resin stabilizer rods. From the outside of the pool you will see very little, if any, of a j-hook liner, most of it will be under the stabilizer rod.

A beaded liner hooks into a bead receiver that is plainly visible from inside the pool. The stabilizer rod goes over the top of the sidewall and it is actually a bead receiver. The receiver hangs down into the pool by an inch or so. A beaded liner has a thick plastic bead molded around the top of it and inserts into the groove of the bead receiver. If you can change the liner without taking your top rails off you have a beaded liner.

An overlap liner goes over the wall and hangs down the outside by a few inches. These are easy to see from outside the pool looking up under the rail. If there is liner hanging down you have an overlap liner. An overlap liner is held in place with coping strips that are then covered with the stabilizer rods.

The best thing is to remove a section of your liner and compare the bead with the illustrations provided on the sales page.

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Sep 07, 2011
You saved me a bunch of money
by: Allison

Thanks for your comment. This confirmed what I suspected. My local pool store just tried to sell me a liner that I can find online for $185 and they tried to sell it to me for $369! They claimed that unless I get the Aqua Leader Liner from them, I'll ruin my pool. But all I really need is a liner that is a J-Hook liner, and that is just fine. Thank you so much! You saved me a ton of money!

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