Asahi Pool Top Rails

by Jennifer
(Lake City Arkansas)

I have a 33 ft. round above ground Asahi pool. I am replicating the beaded liner after 5 years of use. I am told by two installers that the top rail is missing. The plastic bead tract fits on top of the wall but there is no "rail" on top of the wall.

There is the seat rail, but no support rail at the top of the pool. I am told there should be a top rail just as there is a bottom rail and that the rail goes on top, or under, the bead track.

The company I purchased the pool from says there is not a top rail on the ASAHI pool, only the bead track.

I have seen the Asahi parts website but I can't find any customer service (human).

Hi Jennifer

Having built thousands of Asahi pools I can assure you they all come with top rails. The order of parts from ground up would be the bottom rails, side wall, bead receiver and top rails. At the posts are foot plates, uprights, top caps that attach to the top of the uprights and go over the receivers to hold them in place and then decorative caps that go over top of the top rails covering all the sharp edges.

As long as the receivers are held firmly in place there is no reason the pool would not stand just fine and be perfectly safe. The top rails don't add that much strength, they sort of hold the receivers down and make the pool look a lot better.

Asahi Pool

Aside from the parts website I could not tell you where to find the parts. This page might be a little help.

Parts For Above Ground Pools

Now lets assume for a minute that we are just not using the same terms. Most pools will have a top rod, or rail, that covers the coping with overlap liners. With an Asahi pool, as pictured above, the top retaining rod is the exact same as the bottom rail. When you substitute the top rod with a bead receiver you have done just that, you have used one instead of the other. In most cases there is nothing else that goes over the bead receiver except the pool top railing itself.

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