Beaded Liner Installation Price

by Maureen

Has anyone in Massachusetts had to replace their AG pool liner for an 18' round pool, and if so, how much did you pay your installer for the job. I wonder if they will do it IF I buy the liner on line.

I mean to be quoted $400.00 and was told he just had 4 designs to choose from and now I see SO many designs on line for HALF the price makes me VERY leery of this guy!

Thank you all, in advance, for your input/suggestions, etc.

Hi Maureen.

Here in Arizona we have labor only charges and an 18' liner install would run about $375.00. We don't care where you buy the liner, either from a local store or online. There are many reasons we don't get involved in selling the actual products. The most important one is that our local pool stores recommend us to their customers. They sell the products and we do the installations. It just makes sense to not compete against the stores that provide us with the bulk of our business.

Not all installers are like this, but hopefully you can find one who could quote you a labor only price. You are absolutely right about buying liners online, great selections and great prices, as long as you know just what you are getting.

I do all my shopping at InTheSwim and have never been let down. If you decide you may want to do the install yourself this page might help.

Beaded Liner Installation

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Apr 26, 2011
I got the same quoted rate
by: Anonymous

I am in MA, and also got a verbal quote of $400 for labor, plus $200 if the sand needed to be redone - plus another $100 if additional sand will be needed! And my pool is only 18' round. This is clearly a rip off.

I have a friend who recently installed/replaced a liner and said it was easy - luckily he will be coming over to help me.

Do not pay that much without trying to find another installer. I would suggest you ask at places like Namco and other local pool stores.

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