Beaded Liner Wrinkles

by Ross
(Wright City, Missouri, United States)

I have an 18x33 oval pool. It has a beaded liner. We just in stalled the liner and started to fill only about an inch or two. I got all the wrinkles off the bottom but the liner looks twisted. As the pool fills will this leave wrinkles or do I need to adjust the top of the liner or will these work out? I am working on picture.

Hi Ross

Most of the time wrinkles on the pool sides caused by a twisted liner will stay there. Having the bottom smooth is the most important thing, so whether you want to take the time to reset the liner is up to you.

On an oval pool setting the seams perfect is critical. Seam configurations vary a lot with oval liners. You may have two seams running from one end of the pool to the other. These seams need to be in exactly the same place at each end. With a two seam liner that is four spots that need to be set. If this is done correctly then it is just a matter of smoothing the liner evenly. It is possible to set the seams just right but push the liner too far in one direction or the other. Getting the wrinkles off the bottom while keeping the liner centered can be tricky.

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Asahi Beaded Liner

by Leah
(Centralia, IL)

I have a pool that is 17 years old, the warranty says it is Asahi and the manual says Mighty Sun. I can tell that it needs a beaded liner.

I was ordering a beaded liner but asked the company if it would work on my pool and they are concerned that it won't because they have never heard of this pool type. They say their liners have a standard bead.

Do you know if Asahi/Mighty Sun pools have a standard bead or some other kind? When I look at this webpage, the bead that looks the closest to mine is the 1st one, Standard. It doesn't look EXACTLY the same, but very close.

Please help this is the liner I am wanting to order. PREMIUM-BEADED-Above-Ground-Pool-Liner-ALL-SIZES-MEGA-SUPER-SALE-

Hi Leah

Asahi makes the Mighty Sun pool. I am very surprised that the store did not know the name. Asahi pools are imported from Japan by stores all over the states. There is such a good profit margin they are very popular.

I built them for about thirty years for Paddock pools. Paddock ordered a boat load of pools at a time. They ordered pools only. With those pools they added liners, filters and all the other stuff.

Paddock used all overlap liners. All the Mighty Sun pools I installed for customers buying on the internet came with overlap.

The standard bead is the most popular and the one I would go with. The bead receivers are cheap enough, if worse came to worse, and the bead did not fit, just order a new set of receivers. But it should work just fine. It is very possible the receivers did not come from Asahi, but added at the store or by the customer. In that case they would probably be the standard.

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Beaded Liner Won't Fit

We installed a 27 ft 54" pool with the ez bead liner. As soon as we started filling the pool at about 6 inches of water the walls started buckling. It was an overcast day.

We had to do some adjustments so had to drain the pool to 1 inch of water. How long can I leave it like this waiting for a sunny day. Will the liner stretch that much in sun and not buckle the walls next water fill?


I have no idea how much "that much" is. On a hot day in full sun the liner should become very pliable and your problem should be solved.

Assuming the liner is new you are not in much danger of the liner shrinking, it should stay in a very workable state until you have a sunny day.

Be very sure all the wrinkles on the bottom have been pushed to the edges. When it warms, and before you start filling, get on your hands and knees, starting in the center, and try to work some more liner to the edges. Check also that the liner is centered. If it is only tight in a couple of areas you may need to drain to almost empty and try to center the liner better. The distance from liner to wall should be the same all the way around.

If you do all this you should have much better luck in full sun on a warm day.

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Oval Pool Beaded Liner Installation

by Jon
(Summit, MS)

Large Wrinkles In Beaded Liner

Large Wrinkles In Beaded Liner

So after the 4th try I finally installed the liner on my 21' X 41' oval AGP. We got all the wrinkles out of the floor and ended up with large wrinkles running vertical on the wall.

After slowly filling and trying to adjust, a few days into this the vertical wrinkles ended up horizontal on the wall. I am lost as to what to do. I have included some pictures to help explain.

Thanks in advance, Jon

Hi Jon.

I would give it one more try. By draining the pool again, and letting it sit in the sun a day, it might shrink a little and fit a lot better.

Be sure to start with bottom seams in the proper place. You probably have two center seams running from end to end across the bottom of the liner. These should probably fall directly below the outside of the two center uprights at one end of the pool. If this is a Doughboy liner in a Doughboy pool that's how it will be. If not, your seams may be different and your end rails may be different. But you get the idea, center the liner using the bottom seams.

You will start putting it into the groove directly above one of the perfectly centered bottom seams. When you get to the other end, the seam should be in the same spot. If it's not, this is a good time to make an adjustment. You can go back and bunch the bead up a little, or pull it a little tighter, whatever it takes. Getting the first half set correctly gives you a better chance of reaching the other end with just the right amount of liner.

If you get all the way around the pool and have way too much liner it's not OK to bunch it all up a section covering the last third of the pool. This excess should be bunched evenly over the entire pool. Not having the liner properly centered is the reason for wrinkles that run at an angle from bottom to top.

Wrinkles that are straight up and down are usually caused by too much bunching of the liner in one area. However tight or loose the liner is it needs to be the same all the way around.

The horizontal wrinkles are the worst because they are caused by having too much liner. That's why draining the liner and letting it sit in the sun a day might help. Another thing that might help is to use the vacuum method to suck out any air behind the liner.

This method is explained on this page.

Beaded Liner Installation

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