Beaded Liner Receivers

by Darren
(Coulterville, CA)

We recently bought a 15' x 24' x 52" oval above ground pool. It has a beaded liner and we have it almost completely installed. We also have a new liner.

When we put the bead receiver on the wall it comes about 1 1/" to 2" of meeting, it is to short. Will this be a problem for us?

The pool also came with the preformed pool cove for along the bottom of the wall and a cloth like blanket that was on the bottom of the pool, under the liner.

We can't remember how the previous owner had it. Do I put the 2" of sand first all along the bottom and then the blanket, then the coving on top of the blanket?

Any help would be a blessing.

Hi Darren.

beaded receiver

I would redo the bead receiver and put a very small cap between each one of them. Even gaps of a quarter inch or less will not hurt a thing. Be sure and tape over each joint with duct tape. The tape will make the gaps all but disappear and also hold the receivers in place.

I would install the cove first held in place with duct tape. Tape the seams and around the top edge if it looks like it needs it. I would then use the pool pad covered with a couple of inches of sand. The sand will probably go at least half way up the cove but that's fine, just don't cover it completely. If you wanted the pad on top of the sand you could, but you will probably wind up with a lot more footprints that way.

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Jul 21, 2009

Dennis, Thank you for the great information. We have already put about 1 ½" of sand in the bottom of the pool, is it alright if we put the pool blanket on top of the sand and then the preformed Styrofoam coving on top of the blanket, then tape it to the wall? We noticed the previous owner of the pool may have done it this way because we noticed the sticky marks from the tape on the wall. Did they do it wrong? Will we be in for trouble later if we do it this way? Do you think this will work alright or should we re-do the sand?

Thank you again, Darren

Hi Darren.

The order in which this is done will not effect the structure, or soundness, of the pool. It is just a matter of preference for me. If you are putting the cove on top of sand be sure it is packed down firm so the weight of the water does not move it.

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