Beaded Liner to Overlap Conversion

by Jessica Iovine Lafontaine
(Winston Salem, NC)

We have an 18 x 33 pool-bought a brand new beaded liner (pen fabricators) we purchased coping and did the liner as an "overhang" because our first pool and we didn't know what the heck a beaded liner was! We stretched over the top of wall, slapped some coping and the top track and the channel plates....however, there was only about an inch overlapping the pool- I called Pen Fab. and they said, "as long as you got the liner over the wall and the coping/top track back on it would be fine! OK, so I put the hose in!

It's 11pm and I go to peak on my pool (I thought I did a great job smoothing out wrinkles and the bottom looked BEAUTIFUL! It is evenly spaced and well lined up but LOTS of air in it but my mom said that would press out as it filled. AS it was and starting to look even better!!!

Well my hubby is dead asleep and I decide to inspect to my dismay the liner had slipped a lil and lifted the coping and track right off the pool wall very small section...NOT large but there is a little buckle in a small section of wall -I stopped the water (I probably should be just filling during the day when it's good and hot but felt like I'd wake up to a beautiful half full pool!!) I measured the water there is approx 1 1/2 foot (maybe a little less but almost 1 1/2) of water-


Should I drain all the water and place bead receivers on the wall?

I have decided that perhaps I should just purchase the bead receivers and put the liner on as it is meant to go on. I was totally under the impression because Penn Fab said it was ok and that the liner would stretch and be fine-I measured the overlap there is approx one inch, NOW we have never done a pool in our life but even "I" think that is NOT enough. I am not sure what would happen if I took off one section of coping at a time and think if it's only a 1 1/2 feet of water. I really didn't find

it that difficult to do the liner itself and smooth and think I did a great job so I have no problem draining all the water and doing it over (HEY this is the fun part this is when you know you're closer to enjoying your pool!!!) but my priority is that it's safe for my children and done right!!! Apparently I may be overstretching it

THANK YOU so much for your time and help!~What a great site! I will check into pricing membership for this forum now! Any suggestions is greatly appreciate! it's HOTTTT IN Carolina!

Hi Jessica.

I have installed a lot of beaded liners as overlap liners without a problem. Most of the time I find they fit better this way.

I think your only problem was filling at night. It sounds like the liner needed to stretch just a little and was unable to without the sun. It's the first two feet that is the most important, after that you could probably just let the hose run.

When I install a beaded liner in an overlap fashion I usually pull the liner over the top two to three inches.

I would drain the pool down to an inch or so, if you do not drain it all the way you will not have to reset the bottom. It sounds like it looks great the way it is. You should check carefully all the way around the pool and make sure the liner is not overly tight in any one area. If it is all the same, a little tight but not to far from the wall, you are probably just fine to leave a little water in the bottom.

You next thing would be to reset the overhang, coping, rods and such. You may just want to fix the area that came out or you may want to go around the whole pool giving it an even two inches or so.

When you start filling the pool make use of the sun and shut the water off when you start loosing it. Turn the hose back on the next morning and you should be fine. If this does not work you could always order the receivers, my guess is you won't have to.

Thanks for the compliment on the site, there is no membership however, it's just all free.

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Jul 08, 2011
Thank you so much!
by: Jessica

Thank you so much for this great site! It's assuring to get advice from people who know ! :)

My liner had a lot of air and was very "tight" in most places because of that but the air did press out and it looked good. I only have 1 inch overlapping and couldn't imagine stretching it any further without fearing damage to it b/c it seemed very tight. The lady who helped me ordering the receivers said it should overlap at least 3 inches...I'm LUCKY that I could get an inch over the top.

It is an exact 18 x 33 liner but I went ahead this morning and purchased bead receivers! Can I leave that same inch of water in the pool to put the bead receivers in? The liner looks very good on the bottom there is like a little "excess" liner on either end of the pool it's the "straight" sides that seem too taunt and that's exactly where the liner is slipping!

It's good an hot now but I figured I'd drain the water with a pump down some?

thank you soooo much for this quick response and your time!!!


I would still leave some water in the bottom. Best of luck.

Feb 25, 2012
pool liner change
by: stephanie

How many liner locks do you need for a 24ft round pool we will be purchasing a beaded liner?

Should I wait for a certain temp outside to change my liner for best results? I have a licensed pool guy and he needs to re-level my pool and replace the liner and wants to start at the end of March/April in Long Island NY.

Thanks, Stephanie

Hi Stephanie

I would think by April it should be warm enough. You need a sunny day, hopefully in the eighties or so.

Mar 18, 2012
Winter Depression
by: chris

I have a Branch Brook (NAMCO) 18x24 oval above ground with two pools pinching the sides in. It is what I believe to be a J hook type. I wet patched a 1/8inch puncture on the bottom over the summer, but it must have loosened up because I'm seeing low water levels now that the ice has melted and it's sinking by the day. Is there anything special I would need to switch to an overlap that would fit this odd shapeed pool?

Hi Chris

With an odd sized pool it is best to order your liner directly from the manufacturer, or the store you bought the pool from. They should be able to tell you if they have an overlap liner that would fit your pool.

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