Best Sand for Expandable Liner

by Randy
(Freeport IL.)

To verify, is masonry sand the best choice for a base under an expandable liner (or is concrete sand better)?

Also, is sand also placed along the angled drop-off as well as the shelf and bottom?

Hi Randy.

I prefer masonry sand over concrete sand, it should be a little finer. Concrete sand can be a little coarse.

I normally use a little dirt over the bottom rail and cover that with more sand. Everything else gets a layer of sand.

The deep end slopes need to have a little angle on them so that they will hold the sand.

The sand I use is usually delivered wet, since it is a washed sand. If it is not wet enough I will add some water, wet sand works so much better than dry sand.

Before spreading the sand I spray water on the slopes of the deep end. Once the sand is spread I spray it again. I use the flat side of a rake to smooth the entire pool base, including the slopes.

I then use a soft push broom and do it all again. The angles near the bottom of a deep area may be to sharp for the push broom and I will switch to a regular household broom.

Once it is as smooth as possible I spray the slopes one more time.

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May 13, 2012
by: Randy

Thanks for the input.

One more question: what do you mean you use a little dirt over the bottom rail ??

oh oh...2 more questions: when setting up the bottom rail, one is suppose to rest the support bases on concrete blocks ( 2" thick ), is sand suppose to come up to the concrete block, whereas the rails actually rest on the sand ?

Hi Randy After the sidewall is installed I do a final raking of the dirt and pull any loose stuff to the wall and cover the bottom rail. It is just a little extra protection against a washout under the rails.

When you set the blocks the area should be filled back in with dirt. The bottom rails should be resting on level dirt, no sand.

Once the wall is up the sand can then be spread out. If you have any gaps under the rails the sand will seep out. The rails should sit on dirt and then be covered by a small layer of dirt. Now your sand will stay in the pool and under the liner.

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