Bestway Steel Frame Above Ground - Frame Flexing in Use?

by Mary Ann

Pot Belly

Pot Belly

Hi There,

For the previous three years, we had a 15 foot by 30 (36?) inch intext inflatable ring pool. The pool was installed on a slope. Ground was prepared by digging down the high side. A level and a straight board was used to level the site. All grass was removed.

This year we upgraded to a 14 foot by 48 inch bestway steel frame pool. This is our first experience with a steel frame above ground pool. We placed 6 inch x 6 inch x 1/2 inch pressure treated pine under the feet of each upright. We assembled the horizontal bars and plastic connectors to properly site the pine boards and also confirmed the top frame was level at this time. We added puzzle-piece 1/2 inch foam flooring (smooth side up) under the entire area of the pool, cutting out holes in the flooring so that the pine boards sat directly on the ground.

Next, we disassembled the top frame and installed the liner. The uprights were added to the frame and the feet of the uprights were placed upon the pine boards. We also used the little plastic feet for the uprights.

After adding about an inch of water and removing wrinkles from the liner (easy - no issues there), we started filling the pool with water. While the pool was filling, we went around the outside of the pool and continuously

adjusted the uprights so they were plumb, checking both front/back and side/side for each post. As water was added, adjustments were made every half hour until the pool was just over half full. Overall, the uprights were quite stable during the filling process. At last check, the uprights were all perfectly plumb.

Once full, the water level varied not more than an inch and a half. The top frame is completely level. The uprights are all perfectly vertical (side/side), but now it seems that the uprights are all leaning out at the bottom and in at the top (front/back). We think this is because the liner is "pot bellied" and pushing out at the bottom. The band around the legs is quite taught, but it is not binding or wrinkled. The legs are very slightly bowed out, maybe 1/8 inch.

We also noticed that the frame flexes/sways while in use. This is a bit unnerving, but I remember the inflatable ring pool danced around quite a bit and that was fine. Here are some videos of the flexing:


What do you think about the install in general?
What about the legs being pushed out a little at the bottom? Is this normal?
Is the movement of the frame OK, or is it moving too much?

Hi Mary Ann I think your installation was great and the movement you see is perfectly normal.

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