Bottom Plate to High

by Kandace
(Debert, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Foot Plate To High

Foot Plate To High

First thing I want to tell you is we love this site and find it very helpful!

Our question, we just installed a 27'x52" round AG pool, it has resin bottom plates and rails. After triple checking that all of the concrete blocks are level using a laser level and doing the adjustments needed to make sure they are level, we then put the bottom rails and plates back into place measuring from the center of the pool making sure we had a perfect circle each plate was 13'6" away from the center. We were very careful making sure everything was level and took our time in this step. When it was time to put the steel wall in place, then install the liner, everything went well until we started filling the pool with water.

Just one bottom plate is now about 1/2" from touching the concrete block!! We stopped filling it at 3" of water and put wooden supports under the plate to hold it up as we are afraid the wall will come out of the bottom rail on this side. We also shoved more crusher rock under the rail for support. Will it be ok or should we drain it and start over???

Please help us ASAP as we are so afraid of the pool collapsing!!! We did install wooden supports around the perimeter of the pool until we can fix the problem.

We appreciate your time in this matter.

Kandace and Stephen

Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi. Kandace and Stephen I can think of a few possibilities. If the block was set too low, and everything looks fine with the spacers in place, it should be fine. The pool should fill just fine and be OK.

It's also possible the liner is pulling slightly on the wall raising the post slightly. When you finish the pool installation, meaning uprights and top rails, the rails would hold the wall back pushing the footplate back where it belongs.

It also happens a lot that if the rails are a little high on either side it will raise the footplates off their blocks. The blocks were laser leveled, not the dirt in between them. If you scrape some dirt out from under the rails it might drop the plate.

So, I would first check the rails and see if they need lowered. I would then install the uprights and top rails and see if that doesn't push the rail down. With the pool completely assembled it is also easy to see if one post is sticking up higher than the rest. If it all looks level then just leave it. If it is obviously to high then work to lower it.

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May 20, 2010
replying to your suggestion
by: Kandace

Hi Dennis, Thanks so much for getting back to us so quickly! I am a little confused though, if we lower the bottom rails, won`t the wall come out of the track,the liner looks to be pretty even all the way around so we don`t think this is our problem. I`m really hoping once the pool is filled it will lower back into place. with our installation. Please let us know what to do next.All we have done so far is put the walls up, place the liner,put the top rails on to support the weight of the liner, smooth out all the wrinkles and have only 3 inches of water. Please let us know what our next step should be.

Thanks again we appreciate your time!

Kandace & Stephen

Hi. I would complete the installation, including all uprights, and see how it looks. If it looks level then you could finish filling it.

May 20, 2010
by: Stephen

My idea is to take the laser level and check the height of the stones around the low one to see if they are the same level. If they are the same level I will complete installation and fill the pool. What do you think??

Thanks again, Stephen.

Hi That sounds like a good start, that would sure tell you if the block is low or not.

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