Bowing Sides on Intex Pool

by Elizabeth
(Phoenix )

Intex Pool Bowing Side

Intex Pool Bowing Side

We tried to fill it with water in hopes it would stop bowing but it hasn't. It's a 32'x16'x54" Ultraframe Intex pool.

Hi Elizabeth. I know these pools bow a little until the water is high enough to push the sides out. This looks like a little to much bowing, actually, it looks like a break in the pole going down the top.

This pole should be a solid piece, after all the small pieces are interlocked. I would first check to make sure this piece is solid. If it is solid I would then contact the manufacturer for further advice.

Bowing Pool (frustrated)
by: Robin

We bought our Intex pool from Costco three years ago and the very next year the model was changed. I am angry because my husband has worked for three years now to correct the bowing that was supposed to be alleviated by filling with water. It never has straightened itself out, and no, the poles are NOT BROKE and when you call customer service ... Good LUCK because they never answer the phone ! Leaving me angry and frustrated with having waited patiently for someone to answer who never does.... I would not buy an Intex pool because of this...ever again... very disappointing

by: Anonymous

Buy a Legacy portable pool, a little expensive but worth it.

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Jul 05, 2017
by: JOHN G

OK, getting the ground under this thing within an inch of level is imperative. also, the ground that you set the support arms on cannot have any give whatsoever after the pool begins to fill with water.

From the last pic, it looks like the very center/side of that pool is not level. A lot of people who set these things up on their own, don't level the correct size area. They do a 16 x 32 pad...problem with that is the pool, with the side supports is about 18 x 34 and that's the bare minimum you need to level out.

I would like to see a pic of the pool AFTER it has been completely filled. If you have a wall skimmer installed, 90% may only be possible. If you have the in text over wall skimmer, fill it to where the grey meets the blue.

get those patio pavers all within an inch and on solid ground, and fill the thing up to the line.

Jul 05, 2017
by: smh...

I can tell by just looking at this pic that the ground is not level.... it may be flat but its not level. You didnt even use patio pavers to support the sides.

It took me 3 months to prepare the ground at my residence for my 16 x 32 x 52 inch intex... I spent 1300 usd on it.... To me, putting the thing up straight out of the box without bothering to level the ground or support the sides of that pool ( 15,000 gallons of water is 62 tons..) does not make ANY sense... 16" patio pavers are less than 3 bucks each... you couldnt even put those down??

fill it all the way up and then take a pic of it... are you suing costco or something?

May 31, 2018
Bowing sides and what we had to do
by: Anonymous

I have the 32x16x54 i ordered form Walmart 2 weeks ago. We leveled ground with tractor then it rained so it’s a little off but not to bad. But the sides kept bowing and even with the pool almost full the sides would not straighten so we had to let water out and put 3 stakes in the ground on each long side and tie them to it to make it straight. You should not put any water in this pool until doing this! It was a nightmare! Now it’s done and so far so good! There is not enough information on what to do about the sides so please share this with anyone who has bought this pool!

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Bowing Top Rail on Ultraframe Pool

by Ron
(Mariposa, Ca. USA)

I'm filling a 9x18 ultra frame pool. The fill must take place over weeks, as I am on a low recovery well. The pool is about half way full and is nice and level, but the top rails seem to be bowing in. Is this something that will resolve as the water level rises?

Hi Ron. It is very normal for the rails to bow in during the filling of these pools. They don't push out until the pool is nearly full.

I once filled a pool the slow way, like you are doing. I hooked my filter system up to long hoses that I hung over the top of the pool. I was then able to circulate the water during the couple of weeks it took to fill it. I also kept a floating chlorinator with tablets in it floating in the pool. It does not take long for the water to go bad when the weather is warm.

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Bowing Top Rail on Ultraframe Pool

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May 30, 2016
Does fix itself!
by: Ginger

Our pool was bowing incredibly, and I read these comments and thought it would fix itself. When it got about knee-high it was bowing so bad I thought it was going to break. We tied a rope to it and pushed it out as best we could and anchored it that way. Then despite my better judgment, we continue to fill the pool. When it got about waist high, the sides did start pushing their own way out! The anchor cords that we had tied to it had become loose. When we got all the way to the fill line, one side was perfectly straight, and the other side just has a small little bow. We are going to just swim in it and hope it works itself out, if not I may purposely overfill it just to straighten it out and then drain back to normal level.

It had me very worried for a while, as this was a very expensive purchase for our family, but It did work out.

So, anchor off the sides, keep filling, and pray. That's what worked for us. Good luck to you all, and happy swimming!

Jul 22, 2016
Same sagging sides on Intex 32x16x52 Pool
by: Logan

I just purchased the Intex 32x16x52 Pool and experiencing the same sagging on the sides. The pool is not properly designed. It needs some kind of sturdier support on the sides in the middle. Poor structure design is what I have found. Have to anchor in the middle on both sides to work.
There should be sturdier side supports and needs some kind of support on the top to prevent this sagging on such a long pool.

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Intex Pool Bowing In Middle

by Shelley Owens
(Strasburg, VA)

Our 10' X 20' Intex above ground pool is bowing severely in the middle section of the pool! The ends measure about 8'5" in width while the center measures about 7'. Can anyone suggest a remedy?
We are so frustrated with this!

Hi Shelley. It has been my experience with oval Intex pools that they will always bow in the middle until they are full. At that time the sides should straighten out.

If you are talking about a pool that is completely full you may have leveling issues. You may want to check the overall level of the pool. You could also check the legs of the side supports. If they are mounted on blocks are the blocks set at the level they should be? Would lowering them help to straighten the sides?

These are the things I would check. Has anyone else out there had this problem and figured it out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Pool Sagging Outwards in Middle Long Sides

by Michael

We have purchased a 5 metre long 132 cm high metal framed above ground pool. It did sag inwards but corrected itself as it was three quarters full. After that point it straightened up but then began to bow outwards. We are thinking the corner sleeves that are plastic coated need pulling out a little, but are scared the corner pieces may pop out, leading to a possible collapse. We are leaving it until natural evaporation occurs to a point where there will be less stress at the top. Should we have pulled the corner sleeves out more as the pool filled? we did think they would have naturally slid out as it filled. What to do? please suggest remedies.

Hi Michael I would suggest making sure all the side supports are securely blocked. They may have settled, slipped off the blocks or broken them.

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Pool Sagging Outwards in Middle Long Sides

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May 04, 2019
thanks for comment
by: michael

thanks for the input in answer to my problem. The pool is safely placed on a concrete base with all struts pulled out as we went along. The top corner pieces of the support are plastic sleeved, these are the ones we expected to naturally pull out as we went along. as it stands now we are going to build concrete pillars along the pool sides to brace the whole frame, i cannot help but think the larger pools may not be suitable as the stand alone frame that is supplied. I made an error in size type, it is a 7 metre length pool. Where the pool bows out the struts are now vertically aligned which i did not plan on, we presumed they would always slope in. Many thanks, michael

Jun 08, 2019
pool bow
by: Anonymous

Did the pool self correct? Im having the same exact issue and mine is half full right now. Im about 1" off level on one side but everything else is fine.

Jun 16, 2019
Middlle Sagging in a little
by: Anonymous

12x24. One side is sagging in a little in the length and I can see the water level is off about 1 inch in the width. So it seems not level. What could happen. I only plan on keeping it up for 2 months. It seems very sturdy. Is it safe?

Jun 30, 2019
Bowing in with a Coleman pool 16 x 9
by: Anonymous

I also have the same problem with the sides bowing in. I believe it is also poorly designed. I’ve got the pool about halfway full. Hopefully when it is full it will straighten itself out. It is what it is. Not crazy about the design. But going to use it this summer anyway.

Jul 10, 2019
Ground Preparation
by: Joe

After watching a few YouTube Videos and various other resources for "bowing pool sides", we had concerns initially. We had fairly level ground to start with and did a 2" sand base - everything level throughout to within 1/2" (using Stanley Cibix Cross style Laser level at night). We used 12" x 12" x 2" pavers all around on our 16' x 32' Intex pool. When first filling the pool we had significant bowing, but as the water level went up, the sides started to "square-up". We keep our pool filled to the gray liner seam and sides are pretty darn square - I'd say within 1" of center-line from the corners. Even when the pool has evaporated about 4" down, it was still pretty square (within 2"). From what I can say, based on my own installation, is that proper Ground Preparation is the key. So far, we are happy.

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