Build Pool Without Liner

by Mike

I'm getting ready to install my first above ground pool, a 15x30. My ground is almost level and I will start building soon. I plan to work when the weather permits. I am in no rush since it's February, but I know I can't finish in one weekend and pay attention to detail like I want to. So I plan on completely building the pool except for the liner install. I plan to wait on a warm sunny day before trying to work the liner.

So my question is: will it hurt anything to leave a linerless pool standing for awhile? Could be a couple of weeks this time of year.

Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike. An empty pool could easily blow down in a strong wind. It's for that reason I do not like to see them left empty. I have seen many pools blow down during either a strong dust devil or a bad monsoon storm. On the other hand, I have seen pools stand for years without water. These storms are rare and you would probably be just fine for a few weeks.

If it were me, and I knew the pool was going to be empty for a few weeks, I would build it completely. That means installing the uprights, top caps, metal stabilizing rods and top rails. The more support you can give the walls the better.

pool sitting empty

Building the pool like this is a good idea anyway, so it's not like you will be doing extra work. A complete pool, without the liner, gives you a chance to make sure everything fits properly. It's the perfect time to make sure the sides are straight and both ends have the same arc. Each corner should have the same angle going into the round part. It's also a good time to recheck the level, making sure the pool is as perfect as you can make it before installing that expensive liner.

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