Bulge in Pool Liner

by Vicki
(Mifflintown, pa, usa)

I just had a pool installed last summer. Everything was fine when we closed the pool. We just reopened the pool today and on the one wall the liner in one spot is bulging.

I was told by pool guy this would go away, it was nothing to panic about.

Hi Vicki

It probably is nothing to panic about but I doubt it is going to go away on it's own. When you say the liner is bulging, I assume you mean between the water level and the top rails. If it is bulging under the water level somewhere it could be a more serious problem, definitely one that should be looked at.

A bulge under the top rails just means the liner needs to be tightened up. This usually means the top rails need to come off, the liner reset and the rails put back on. It's not a big thing but it sure makes the pool look better when it's fixed. There is no hurry on this because it could stay that way forever and not cause a problem.

I would at least have the pool guys come out an look at it, they should not have a problem with that.

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Jul 18, 2012
Bulge at Top of Liner
by: Anonymous

Pool guys told me they need to replace liner because it can cause leaks. Is this true?


If they are willing to do this at no cost to you, why not.

An overlap liner can easily be tightened by removing the top rails and resetting the liner.

Not much can be done with a beaded liner. You would just have to live with the bulge.

The chances of the bulge causing the liner to leak, before something else causes the liner to leak, are slim. You are talking so many years down the road, anything could happen between now an then.

And, if it did tear there are always patches you can use to fix it. A good patch will get you another 5 - 10 years.

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