Buster Crabbe Oval Pool

by Todd Williams
(Wilkes-Barre, PA )

We recently purchased a 4 year old Buster Crabbe pool (used). It is an oval above ground 15 x 30 in good condition. We leveled ground to within 3/4" - 1".

My questions are, my outer side walls (with buttresses) have settled a bit and are leaning out approx 1" at the top on each side, is this a concern? Apparently we forgot to add pavers under the out riggers and just put them under the actual uprights. What would be the ramifications to leave this like it is?

Also, after filling the pool we have a bit of an air pocket at the top of the liner. Is it best to leave this alone or try and remove it, and if so, how? Love the Site and looking forward to your insight!

Hi Todd

The blocks under the backs of the buttress assemblies are just about the most important part of an oval above ground pool installation. I do not see any way the pool could be safe for use without them.

block under pool brace

The pool could be drained down below the half way point and the blocks installed fairly easily. You would gently push the pool side uprights inwards and install the blocks. Use a torpedo level on the uprights and adjust the blocks until they are straight up and down. If you are careful you should not damage the cove in the process, but check it from inside the pool before refilling.

This would also be a good time to remove the air bubble at the top. Remove a few top rails, rods and coping. Pull the liner up tight and reassemble. When the pool is full again the sides should be straight and the liner tight.

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May 28, 2011
Question About Buster Crab Pool
by: signguy05

I also bought a used buster crab pool. But my question is, my pool has straps that connect two uprights together. Obviously the uprights on either side. Well, the pool I have the straps are broke due to rust. Will this problem stop me from putting this up, I guess asking if they are a necessity?


Yes, they are very important. But they are also easy to replace. Home Depot sells a strapping material used in home construction, it is very easy to buy some of that and replace your rusted straps.

May 28, 2018
buttress straps specs
by: Anthony

I saw that someone mentioned strapping material from Home Depot to replace rusted/broken buttress straps.

Can some one elaborate? Or provide a link?

What gauge galvanized strap? How many per buttress, and what would the proper length be for a 15 x 30 pool?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi Anthony

It is wall strapping commonly used in home construction and it can be found at Home Depot in 25' rolls. It comes in two thicknesses, either should be fine for your purpose. It can also be ordered at the service counter in 100' rolls, that is how we get it.

Hopefully you have enough of your old strapping to determine an exact length as all pools are slightly different.

May 28, 2018
How many straps per pair of buttress
by: Anthony

Thank you for the quick response. Will one strap per pair of buttress be sufficient? My home depot offers several different gouges, what would you recommend?

Thanks again!

Hi Anthony

Get the heavy gauge and one thickness is fine.

Sep 06, 2023
Liner issues
by: Pat

I bought a new Buster Crabbe pool in 2022. Just recently I noticed the liner is wrinkled and in 1 area is coming away from the pool wall near the top rail. The contractors who installed said that only the plastic beading was needed. I have a box full of metal beading also, should that have gone over the plastic beading?

Hi In most cases yes, it should have been used.

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