Buying an Above Ground Pool

Pool Buying Tips

Are you considering buying an above ground pool online?  Let me pass along some information I have obtained from my own experiences and from what others have told me.  This information comes from over fifty years of installing these pools.

It is very important to be comfortable with, and have trust in, the company you are dealing with.  If the pool arrives missing parts, or you did not get the package you thought you were ordering, what will they do for you?

I recommend that you talk with all of your friends and neighbors that have above ground pools and find out where they got theirs.  Find out if they were happy with the service they received.  I would also visit as many local pool stores as possible.  Gather the literature and make notes of the prices and exactly what the packages include.  This is also the time to examine, up close, as many different pools as possible.

With your local research done, you can then go online, and comparison shop.  This is an important step in buying an above ground pool.  Having become familiar with some of the different brands and models the terms used online will make a lot more sense.  You will also have a very good price guide to go by.

If you plan on having the pool installed, and the local store refers an installer or two, call them for their advice.  Ask if they have had experience with the model pool you are looking at.  Some installers will only install the pools sold locally.  Some will charge more for online pools.  Ask a lot of questions before you buy the pool, if you plan to have it installed.

I am a pool installer and I am always amazed at how seldom I am called before the purchase.  Usually I get a call saying "I bought a pool online, it will be here Friday.  When can you install it?"  Most of the time I just wish I could have talked to them before they bought whatever it was they bought.  So, if you are buying an above ground pool, and having it installed, talk to the installer before making the purchase.

buying an above ground pool
I had one very sweet couple hire me to install their online pool.  In going over the boxes we found they had no filter, ladder or cleaning equipment.  After checking their invoice, and finding no mention of these items, they called the pool store.  They got the package they paid for, pool only.  No wonder it was such a great price.

I have heard a little about a store called Definitive Pools.  To quote one happy customer "So far, I have been very pleased with the prices and customer service from Definitive Pools.  We purchased the Atlantic Empire 30 x 15 a few weeks ago and it came with a 50 yr warranty."  I know the Atlantic pool to be of good quality so maybe this person just got a great online deal.

Here are a few comments about ProPools.  "The customer service has been good so far - shipping was fast and included in price.  Prices for that quality of pool are comparable or better than many, there are no hidden fees, charges, etc.  Price seen is price paid.  They had a good rep on Better Business Bureau Online as well as the regular BBB for brick and mortar store."

My personal favorite online pool store is In The Swim.  I have been very satisfied with every transaction, and there have been many. My only problem with that store is they do not carry my favorite pool.

I installed pools for many different local pool stores.  I knew if I was installing a pool no matter what was needed these stores would support me to get the pool installed and keep a customer happy.  If I was short a part I could open any box in their warehouses and find it.  They would reorder and replace the part later, getting this one pool up and running was top priority.  You do not get this kind of service online.  You might get next day delivery on something, or you might wait weeks, as I have seen customers have to do.

It's a good question to ask, "if I have missing parts how long will I wait?".  It does not happen all that often, but something I would consider before buying a pool.

If you have any questions about above ground pools feel free to ask the pool pro.  With several hundred questions already answered you may not even have to ask.

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