Chlorine Stain on a Vinyl Liner

by Kathy
(Jupiter Farms, FL)

Thanks for your help! We had a service care for our pool while we were on vacation and the guy didn't put the top of the chlorine container back on tightly and 5 - 3 inch chlorine tablets landed on the bottom of our pool.

My sister was staying at the house and when she saw them (it wasn't more than 24 hours) she quickly fished them out. Now, the liner is discolored about two by three feet around where they fell.

What I am concerned about is that where the tablets landed, there are raised and very visible wrinkles. I am thinking we should try to put patches over these spots of wrinkles to avoid having the pool leak at those places in the future.

Is there a danger in using vinyl cement to patch the liner? Please tell me what you recommend as soon as possible. The installer who put in the pool (last October 2008) is willing to patch it in the next couple days, I just want to make sure he is going to patch it with the right materials. I don't want it to be worse than what it is right now. Anything you can advise I would greatly appreciate.

Thank you, Kathy in Florida

This question is a continuation of the question I posted 10 minutes ago.

My husband observes that the wrinkles are "taller" (more raised up) than a week ago (July 14). It has been about 2 weeks since the tablets fell onto the floor of the pool (July 6). He is concerned the pool bottom is still reacting. Is it?

Is there irreparable damage or can this liner be saved? Can you advise on how long we can anticipate the life of the liner as a result of this damage? It is a Doughboy expandable liner.

Thank you again, Kathy

Hi Kathy.

Aside from being wrinkled and discolored and, of course, somewhat weaker, the liner will probably hold up just fine for many years just like it is. These are areas that can not be vacuumed or brushed over and should be carefully cleaned with a towel on your foot or something like that. I'm not sure you would have any luck at all trying to patch areas that big. Since the liner is already weak in the stain area the glue would need to be applied to the good liner surrounding it. That would make for a very big patch.

I would leave it alone and use the pool for as long as the liner lasts or until you get tired of looking at the stains. Chances are pretty good you could get several more years out of it.

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Jul 29, 2009
Chlorine discoloring
by: Phil

I am also a little concerned about the Chlorine I'm adding. The stuff I'm using from Leslie's Pool supply is called "Chlor Brite" and I'm supposed to throw in about 3/4 of a scoop in each week. I've noticed a white area on my liner where the chlorine granules would settle. Is this going to be a problem?

Hi Phil.

You should not be using anything that settles to the bottom of the pool. Your granules can be poured directly into your skimmer and they will come out the return dissolved. This has always been my method although it is not recommended by the filter manufacturers. The other option is to dissolve the chlorine in a bucket of water and then pour the whole thing into the pool.

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