Cloudy Swimming Pool Water

by Pat
(Dallas Ga)

The pool water was fine for the first couple of weeks that the pool was open this summer. But then the bottom of the pool started to turn green. I cleaned the pool and added the correct chemicals.

The chemical balance when tested says all the chemicals are fine but the pool water is now very very cloudy and I do not know what to do to make it clear again since the chemicals are correct. Any suggestions?

Hi Pat

I only have two suggestions that have always worked for me. The biggest cause of water problems is not running the filter enough hours a day. The hotter it gets the longer the filter needs to run. If the water starts to turn the filter needs to run 24/7 until the water clears up. With smaller HP pumps, 24/7 may be the best way to go, even when the water is clear.

I also use vinyl shock treatment every two weeks during the hottest months of summer. If I see the water start to turn, which is seldom, I throw in a bag of shock and let the filter run for a couple of days.

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Cloudy Water In My Pool

by Sherry
(Monroe, NC)

We have a 24' above ground pool. The liner is only one year old now.

I have found where someone asked you about cloudy water in their pool. The answer was to run the filter longer, along with adding shock every two weeks in the midst of summer in the hottest weather.

We have added as we were suppose to in opening the pool. We also added Clarifier. Ended up using an entire bottle. However, even shocking it thoroughly nothing has worked in clearing up the cloudy water. We have a center drain in the pool with 3 jets on the side walls. Our filter runs 24/7 around the clock and still is not clearing at all.

When we removed the cover to look at the water when opening, the water was clear. Then as we removed the cover completely it had a few leaves in the water, not much at all. However, it was loaded with green pollen that had fallen this spring. The pollen was extremely terrible for a good couple of weeks. Therefore, it was a deep lime color green. Once it went into the pool, we have yet been able to get clear water again.

Can you please help with this problem????


Hi Sherry

Running the filter 24/7 is still important and so is adding shock. That should clear the water up, normally. I am not familiar with the pollen that has gotten into your pool and that may have a lot to do with the water condition. I would suggest taking water samples in to a couple different pool stores and having it tested. They may be more up to date on what has gotten into the pool and what you should do about it.

Comments for Cloudy Water In My Pool

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Jun 08, 2014
Cloudy Water
by: Anonymous

I just had this problem and believe it or not what cleared it up finally was ... Baking soda. A bunch of people gave me that advice so I tried it and son of a gun they were right. Throw a couple of boxes in Walk around the perimeter while dropping it in. Let your filter run a few days and it should clear up. All that money wasted on clarifier, algaecide etc... all it needed was baking soda

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Cloudy Pool Water

by Gerald Mattingly
(Joshua tx)

My ph was a little over 8.6, the way I understood it, was to add hth minus to the pool. It recommended 48 oz's to a 5000 gallon pool, so I did. Now my pool is cloudy.

I ran the pool, put chlorine tablets in, and later hth plus and it is still cloudy 24 hours later. What can I do? Did I do an over kill and have to drain and start from scratch or leave it alone and go swimming, it will take care of it self.


I would keep working to balance the PH. That's pretty important. I would also let the filter run 24/7 until the water is clear again. The other thing I would do is to add a bag of vinyl shock to the pool.

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