Collapsing pool

by Sours
(Sherwood, mi)

We had an above ground pool professional installed two summers ago, this would have been our third summer. We had problems when the pool first went up and either the distributor or the manufacturer came out and advised the pool company that it was out of round.

The pool place then brought some sort of blow up tank and removed possibly half of the water leaving half of the water in the pool. Then they proceeded to try and twist and adjust the pool rim and walls and poles. They cracked the resin form on the ground that holds the pole on the one side they were adjusting. They covered that up with dirt when I asked why, no reason. After they left, I dug it out to find it broke. The pool shop owner told me it was just cosmetic.

My question is with this much water in it would it not damage the durability of the structure of the pool yanking on it with 5000 gallons of water in it?

The pool shop owner said it was a bad winter. Well the said the worked on the top rim collapsed i, letting the cover fall in. Then the pool liner ripped on the whole one side. The opposite wall frame the metal wall all coming out. Of course, now by the time he made his way out to our home, there are wholes in the liner. So he said there was a leak that caused it. If there was a leak I would not have had water to close the pool. Please any advise would greatly be appreciated, as I will be going to court because the pool shop owner said I was out of luck.

Thanking you in advance.
I can send photos if needed..above ground heritage round pool.

Hi Sours

It sounds to me like a botched job from the beginning. The only way to make a pool round is to take it down and set it up right. There is absolutely nothing you can do with a pool half full of water except damage it. If roundness was an issue they did nothing to fix it.

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