Crooked Uprights on Above Ground Pool

by Kristen

When leveling the verticals, should we be leveling them from left/right when looking at them? Or from the top to bottom from in and out? I am not sure how else to word this!! Maybe, should we be placing the level on the side of the vertical or on the front?

Hi Kristen

That's a good question about leveling the uprights on an above ground pool. They should be level in all directions.

If it is bent going in and out you have a leveling issue. A pool setting on level ground should not have uprights leaning in or out. Uprights leaning left to right are another story.

pool with straight uprights

Most above ground pool sidewalls are corrugated for extra strength. The creases go up and down and I just eyeball the upright straight with them. I have had employees that could not see the creases and had no idea when an upright was straight. I had them carry a around a small torpedo level with a magnet on one side. They would attach the level to the side of each upright. This worked fine as long as we were not building a resin pool.

Most top rails have multiple sets of screw holes so they can be used on many different size pools. You should be able to set the first post straight up and down, use the correct sets of holes in the top rails, and not have to worry to much about them the rest of the way around the pool.

There are rare occasions when the hole patterns do not seem to work. It is OK to level each upright with the level and use the holes that seem to be the closest to what you need. This keeps the uprights straight all the way around.

Using the correct screw holes should also prevent the in and out leveling problem unless the pool is way out of level. When you are choosing your own holes to use be sure the upright is straight in both directions.

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Sep 04, 2013
Upright leaning in a outward position.
by: Krystena

I have an oval 15x30 above ground pool. An upright located at the front of the pool is leaning in a outward position. As far as I can tell, this is the only upright that is leaning. Should I be concerned with the possibility of the pool giving way or busting?

Hi Krystena

Normally one leaning upright should not cause a problem. A post leaning out is probably low and raising it would make it straight. Sometimes just adjusting the top rails will work. Both are difficult with a pool full of water. Next time it is empty you could try and fix it, till then I would not worry.

Jul 24, 2018
Crooked uprights on above ground pools
by: Rampage Roberts

This site offers excellent advice and I'm saying that as someone who has been building pools since 1994. One thing I would mention is that when people are asking about leveling uprights the term should be plumb, getting the uprights plumb not level. Level is a benchmark used for knowing that all ends of an object are at the same elevation where plumb is the bench mark used to know that vertical objects are truly straight up and down.

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