Crushed Limestone For Above Ground Pool

by Victoria

My installer says he needs 9 tons of crushed limestone, I'm installing a 24 round pool. Doesn't that seem like ALOT?

Hi Victoria.

That would depend on how he plans to use the crushed limestone. Normally that would be used to level an area for a pool. In that case the amount would vary depending on the amount of leveling that needed to be done. So this could be the correct amount that is needed.

If he is using it in place of sand, just under the liner, that might be a little much. We use about 5 tons of sand under a 24' pool liner.

It just depends on how he plans to use it.

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Jun 11, 2012
crushed limestone for intex ultra pool
by: stacey

We are installing an Intex ultra pool and will be leaving it up all year; did the same for another cheaper Intex pool and got 6 years out of it. We are hoping to get this one to last longer. What do you think about putting limestone under it with 2 tarps on top for protection. Our yard slopes so we have to level it out and thought we would use limestone to help instead of sand, since I have heard stories about sand under these pools. FYI with are other Intex pool we didn't use anything and the poles started to sink into the ground. Thanks for your help

Hi Stacey. Limestone makes a nice base for above ground pools. Once you have it level you could go over it with the tarps or even a thin layer of sand. Where people run into problems with sand is when they try to level with it.

I always set the posts on laser leveled concrete blocks. The keeps the pool perfectly level for as long as it lasts.

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