Pool Buttress with Deep End

by Ray Stafford
(Gainesville, GA)

I purchased a Sharkline "Tahitian" 18'x33' oval pool and ordered a deep end liner. Now I find that the vertical support legs (where the straps attach) will extend beyond the 1' 6" walk around and into the deep end.

Thanks to your web information, I understand that I will need to add concrete blocks behind the verticals as well as install an "L" bracket, and concrete-in the straps.

Is there a way to resolve this? Can the legs that the straps attach to be shortened safely?

I'd really appreciate your advice!

Hi Ray. A foot and a half is about the minimum of channel you would need on the inside of the pool. You need enough room to install all of the pressure plates, as they are very important. Beyond your pressure plates and channel you should have about six inches of flat ground before the deep end starts. This usually starts the slope at anywhere from 2 - 3 feet from the wall. It would be better to back fill dirt and reshape the hole than to skimp on the pressure plates and ledge.

pressure plates on oval above ground pool

I'm sure there is a way to somehow do what you are suggesting but I have never done it. I have always left the inside pool structure on an oval pool intact.

This would be a good page to read regarding oval pool deep ends.

Oval Pool Deep Ends

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Second Hand Pool

by Joe
(Shenandoah, Va)

Thanks for your site, it is very helpful. I tore down a friends pool last year and he gave it to me. I am installing it currently and have a few questions.

First thing is the size. I measured the pool before I took it down and I remembered it being 24 ft installed, But when I install all the lower track and make it round it does not come out to 24 ft. It is closer to 23 ft 9 inches in diameter and the entire length of the wall itself is 74ft 1 inch (888 inches). That came out to a 11.774 radius so now I don't have enough ledge for the area that I dug out for a deep end.

It only left me about 6 inches from the track to the slope start. Will I be ok to continue and install the wall or will I have to add more dirt to create the 1 ft 6 inch ledge you recommend?

Hi Joe. I would add more dirt back in and try to get at least a one foot ledge. It's possible the footplates need a larger gap between the rails, this would increase the size closer to the 24' mark. The only way to know for sure is to install the wall and see how if fits at the end. If you have excess wall that means you need to increase the gap in your bottom tracks.

When you know exactly how the wall is going to fit you can then determine how to best go about finishing the ledge. You need enough ledge to hold the cove, level off and then start your slope.

ledge for deep end in above ground pool

I prefer to have all my rails laid out and made round before I start the digging. This helps me keep the correct shape and reminds me to leave plenty of ledge.

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