Deep End Liner Question

by Andy
(Salt Lake City, Utah)

I have a 15 x 30 above ground pool that was installed a week and a half ago. The liner is an overlap expandable liner. They installed a deep end so the buttress straps were cut by the so called installer. He installed a brick and cement behind the upright like he should have but did not support the tin straps that used to go across the pool.

Needless to say the pool expanded and lifted to the point where I had to drain the pool for fear of much damage. I have since fixed the problem myself and am ready to re-fill. The pool places I have called say that the liner is less than 2 weeks old and should be re-usable, my question is do you think it is re-usable because it is so new?

I never drained the deep end so the liner is still in place. The skimmer and three returns are still hooked up on one side of the pool, is it possible to re do this from one side? To stretch into place basically? If so please give me some direction!

Thanks for this site it has helped me a ton in this adventure!!!


Hi Andy

It sounds like you should have no problem using the liner you now have. Liners start loosing their elasticity after a couple years, yours should not have that problem.

The other good things are you have not drained the deep end you have not removed the skimmer and returns.

You just need to use the hot midday sun to get the liner warmed up enough to stretch where needed. You also need to get it filled back up as soon as possible, it should not sit empty very long.

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Distance Between Deck and Pool For Expandable Liner

by Jason
(Clinton, SC)

I recently asked you a question about an alternative solution for a deep end Doughboy Pool. I made the decision to go with the Doughboy but now I have another question and I can't seem to get an answer from the dealer that makes sense to me.

I am going to build a deck completely around the pool, but I have no idea how much space between the resin top rails and the deck I will need to completely change the liner if something happens to go wrong.

The dealer told me 6 inches but that is a very big gap between the deck and the resin top rails. I have seen decks built around pools with a far less gap but I am not sure what kind of liner was installed on those pools. Specs 16 x 32 Autumn Breeze Doughboy with Doughboy Deep End Overlap Expandable Liner. Thanks for you time and any feedback will be appreciated.

Hi Jason

I need room to walk around an above ground pool in order to stretch a liner into place properly. That means about 2'.

It can be done with 6" but you have no idea how back breaking that is for the installers. It is complete misery, you are working for hours bent over on you hands and knees. Something I charge a bunch for doing and regret it every minute I am in pain doing something this difficult and stupid.

Your best bet is to build a modular deck that is set on patio blocks. Build it is sections that could be unbolted and lifted back away from the pool.

This can be a bit of a pain, but you will only be doing this every ten to fifteen years or so.


Expandable Liner Installation

page shows a Doughboy expandable liner being installed.

I would design a deck that comes apart, or I would use a beaded liner and go flat bottom. The other option is to build your deck a couple of feet down from the top rail.

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