Deep End Was Over My Head

by Larry

I absolutely agree that you cannot be too careful when it comes to children and swimming pools.

Many, many years ago as a child of five or six I got a crash course in the dangers of swimming pools.

The infants school that I attended had managed to get at time slot for each week at the local swimming baths. My mother, god bless her, had either bought a secondhand pair of trunks or borrowed a pair for me, all I know is that they were too big, I had to tie a knot in the waistband.

Anyway the teacher had us lined up in the shallow end of the pool. Shallow end? Deep end? What did I know, I'd never seen a swimming pool before.

We were just standing there and the teacher was saying something, for all I know she may have been lecturing us about safety! What happens to kids when they are lectured at? They get bored. And so . . . I started to walk backwards and towards the deep end.

Whether I just did not notice that the water was now over my nose and mouth or what, I don't know. The next thing that I did know was that I was at the side of the pool feeling extremely groggy and getting a good telling off from the teacher.

I can't remember ever going swimming with that school again, whether I was banned or not I don't know. I did learn to swim when I was an older child but I was always very aware that one end of the pool was deeper than the other.

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Aug 03, 2008
drowning is silent
by: Dennis

Hi Larry. Thanks for the story. You bring out a very good point. A child drowning is usually silent. They slip into the water without a sound. This can happen in a large group very easily. Just because you are surrounded by people does not mean anyone is watching you. Once underwater it is easy to go unnoticed. Everyone is looking above water level and unless someone is missed from the group no one is looking into the pool water. It happens quietly and is over quickly.

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