Dirt Against An Above Ground Pool

by Cindy Koller
(Atglen, PA)

Aluminum Above Ground Pool

Aluminum Above Ground Pool

I have a 27' round aluminum above ground pool with a fan deck & 15" walk around with stanchions to support them. It was installed 3 years ago & I am finally getting around to landscaping around it because I have a lot of water issues around it. Basically the installer leveled the ground for the pool, but left the surrounding ground uneven, causing water to lay about under the deck & around the one side. The deck end ground is high (I actually step down to get under the deck where the filter is & around the ladder) & the opposite side slopes off sharply. I want to slope the ground away from the pool where it is sunk in to correct the standing water issues because I do have a very wet backyard at times, especially in the spring.

My biggest worry is how much of the supporting structure is exposed. Right now the stanchions are kind of floating out there, resting on top of brick pavers. There is little to no dirt under or around them & the aluminum ring at the bottom of the pool wall is also exposed in many places. I'm trying to fix the water issues & make the pool less of an eyesore, but I don't want to do anything to ruin its structural integrity. My big question is can I put dirt & stone against the side of the pool & how far up the side can it go? Also can I cover the deck stanchions & bottom ring with dirt? I know it won't rust, but it will corrode & is this an issue? Do you have any suggestions? I know I'm throwing a lot at you, but I want you to understand the whole issue so you can offer the best suggestions to fix this mess. Thank you in advance for your help & expertise.

Hi Cindy. I feel that in most cases you are better off packing the pool in with as much dirt as possible and that adding stones over the dirt is even better. I think have dirt around the pool is much better than letting the pool sit in a puddle of water. Letting a pool sit in water is never a good thing.

Packing dirt around your pool will protect the base parts and keep anything from washing out, or possibly shifting. I never like seeing an exposed bottom rail, I just feel they should be covered with something.

There are cases where certain soils will erode the aluminum very quickly. I would do some checks from time to time and make sure this is not happening. If you think it is, or you think it might, you can always use landscape plastic with stones over top of that.

Anything around the pool is better than nothing.

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Jun 22, 2011
Pool Manufacture
by: Anonymous

Hi Cindy: I currently have a pool in my shed that needs a liner and the installation instruction and is the exact same size and model as yours but I cannot identify the manufacture. Do you by chance have that information handy?

Many thanks, Jim

Mar 25, 2012
Bottom Track
by: Wendy

Hi, I also have this pool. We had to move it and in that process we damaged the bottom track. Since the pool was purchased by the previous owner, we have no idea how to get the parts we need for the pool. I would be grateful for any information you could give me about this pool. Thank you.

Apr 27, 2014
Need bottom track pieces
by: Lisa

We have just purchased a used pool that looks exactly like Cindy's in "Dirt Against An Above Ground Pool". We need the botttom track pieces and cannot find who the manufacturer is. We have also lost the privacy panels in the trasnport and am wondering where to find replacements.

Thanks in advance for any information you can help me with.

May 05, 2014
Re: Aluminum 24x24 Round w/Fan Deck
by: Frankiie

Would anyone actually have the installation instructions for this type of pool, as we need the ANSI installation instructions in order to get a permit from the county, in order to get underground electric to the pool. The company back in 2005 was called Dooley Pools, but I don't believe that is the actual manufacturer. They are no longer in business and at the time of installation informed us we did not need a permit...but we do

Appreciate any help on this type of pool

Jun 07, 2015
Information on this pool
by: Anonymous

I also have this pool and now need a liner. We know it is a beaded liner but know nothing more than that.there are several different kinds. Any information would be appreciated on this pool.

Jun 29, 2015
Pool Manufacturer
by: Anonymous

Would love to know the manufacturer of the pool. We too have the pool and need the base tracks.

Jul 28, 2015
need parts
by: Anonymous

Where can i find parts for this pool. I have a 24 foot pool and in the process of moving it I lost some of the curtain brackets


Sep 27, 2016
Pool Manufacturer
by: Anonymous

USA Industries

Model: Bermuda king

We are the exclusive distributor of usa industries swimming pool parts.we have been in business providing parts and service for over 40 years.if you have a pool like the one pictured and are in need of parts please give us a call at 1-800-288-8423

Jan 13, 2023
Pool privacy fence
by: Anonymous

Can you let us know where you purchased the privacy fence/brand, etc? I have been looking for this particular one but can’t find it. TIA!

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