Divots Under Pool Liner

by Stephanie
(Plymouth Indiana)

We bought a 15x30 above ground pool the end of May. We used it up until the middle of August without any problems. Then on August 9th we had a pool party and on Monday morning I get up and half of the water in my pool is gone since the night before.

I looked around pool and saw no leaks. But I saw a number of divots, or sink spots, the size of 1 foot print or 2 persons feet print. There were no tunnels, just divots. When the pool installer came over and removed the wedding cake style ladder there were 2 cuts/slashes under the ladder on the metal strips (1' X 10") that are a part of the bracing of the side walls.

The sand had eroded away and worn 2 slashes in the liner from people getting in & out of the pool. The installer thought it was moles and had us remove the liner so that he could install a new one, put a plate (4'x5')where the ladder was and repack the bottom with sand.

When we removed the liner the next day there were little holes with piles of sand like ants nest around them but no tunnels. One week later we go to vacuum & place the ladder back in the pool on some rubber padding and there are more divots in the pool the size of 1/2 a foot print about 1-2" deep.

We are stumped. I don't have another $1500 to spend ABOVE the $7800 I spent on the pool in May.

Is there a padding we can put under the liner? Hear something about putting a layer of gravel, then sand, to help keep moles away. Can you help us??


Hi Stephanie.

It can sure get expensive fast, I understand that. Before I would take any water out of the pool again I would spread a product called Green Day ant killer around the pool. If you can not find the exact same thing, I am sure any kind of granule or powdered ant and bug killer would work.

Holes in the liner can be patched underwater, without draining the pool. If you have holes you should try and patch them. Try and keep water in the pool and see if the bug killer around the outside helps.

I have seen ants and bugs do bad things under vinyl liners but keeping them away from the pool usually helps.

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Jul 14, 2011
Divots Under Pool Liner

Our above ground pool is an 18' x 33'. We paid to have it installed to avoid common mistakes and problems we may have incurred if we were to install it ourselves. The entire process has been a nightmare (purchased the 3rd week in May), it is now the 3rd week of July and the project in not complete. My immediate question would be about the many divots I have found, the divots seem to be following the metal ribs under the floor. The divots are huge and have developed quickly after filling the pool and are enlarging. At this point I don't believe there are any leaks, just a poor installation. I feel ill at the thought of draining the water. I don?t want to waste almost 17,000 gallons of water. Is there a way to repair the divots someway through the floor of the liner without removing the water? Thanks.

Hi. Sorry to say the pool will have to be emptied and it does sound like you got a very poor pool installation. Be very careful about the liner coming into contact with any metal parts. If you see this happening you should drain the pool immediately.

Oct 04, 2013
Divots along the buttresses
by: Anonymous

My pool is only one season young. I noticed divots along the 4 buttresses. The ones closest to the wall are about one inch deep and 6 inches wide and the ones further out are about half the size. I have read about different causes for this, but still am confused. I have spread for bugs. Should I hire someone to inspect the pool liner.

Hi. The divots you are describing are probably caused by the ground around the braces and pressure plates settling. There is a lot going on underground on the sides of an oval pool.

These types of impressions should be watched closely. You want to make sure the liner does not come into contact with any of the metal parts of the pool structure.

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