Doughboy Pool Installed In Ground

by Steven Kelso
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

I am considering buying a Doughboy pool that I want to install in ground. I was very excited to find this pool offered where I Live, about 1 hour north of Toronto. It seems that this pool brand is New to Canada or my area at the least. The installer that I have spoken to about installing this pool in ground is not sure if it can be done due to the climate here and the frost line. Concerns over heaving and such.

My questions are is this pool able to be installed in ground in my climate? Is there any thing else I should be concerned about?

Hi Steven

All steel wall above ground pools can be installed in the ground. The thing to keep in mind is that none of them are self supporting without water in them. That is the big difference between in ground vinyl pools and above ground pools installed in the ground. This means that if you leave the pool empty it will eventually collapse from the weight of the dirt around it.

Above ground pools are installed in the ground all the time, you just need to be sure the pool is always full of water. Once the ground around the pool has become well packed, liner changes can be safely done, if you drain, change liners and refill in a timely manner.

The other rule I have about above ground pools in the ground is to leave as much out of the ground a possible. I feel that one foot above ground is ideal, but whatever you do, the ground level should never be above the water level.

As for the effects of freezing ground on an above ground pool, you need to ask a lot of questions from people in your area. Try to find someone who has done this and pick their brain. If you can find others that have done this without problems then it should be fine. I am not sure I would want to be the first to try it. Get as many local opinions as possible.

Most of the pools I install in Arizona do not have to deal with freezing ground. I have, however, done a couple of in ground pools up in the northern country where it does freeze. We never had a problem with either of these pools.

For more information about above ground pools in ground read this page.

Above Ground Pool In Ground

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Jun 30, 2009

Thanks for the article. Pools are a great way to enjoy summer and winter.

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