Doughboy Pool Not As Big As Expected

by Pam Newbury
(Santa Cruz, California)

When our old above ground pool gave out we decided to replace it with a professionally installed Doughboy pool. The old pool was an 18X33 by Muskin with a deep end. The closest size pool made by Doughboy was 18x34, but we decided to go with the better quality and professional installation as that is the only brand installed by this company (a reputable one that has been in the area for over 20 years). We knew we would have to rebuild the deck around the pool to accommodate the extra length, but that seemed a minor problem.

As the pool was being installed, when they were smoothing out the bottom, I was surprised to see that the sides of the pool were scalloped between the buttresses, so that the walls on the long side of the pool bowed out. Not just a little, but enough to really notice. I mentioned this to the installer, who said the water would straighten out the sides as it filled. I thought that a bit strange, but took his word for it.

Then I noticed as he put the walls in that they were far away from the edges of the old deck on the length, where I would have expected them to be pretty close to the old 18' pool size. Again I questioned the installer, who replied that our old Munchkin pool must have been an odd size or not installed right.

Once the water was in, my husband rolled out the old solar cover to find that it was too wide for the pool. Then the light clicked on, and we measured. Sure enough, the pool is only 17'6" wide when measured wall-to-wall at a buttress.

My question for you is, given we paid a premium price for a premium 18 x 34 foot pool and only got a 17' 6" x 34 pool with scalloped edges, what redress should we expect from the installer?

It is going to cost us extra to rebuild the deck all along

the length of the deck, not just finish up the end. There is also the added expense of having to order custom-sized pool covers from now on. Plus, we are missing a significant amount of pool space. And the scalloping is still almost the same as before the water was put in.

I'm really shocked at how this turned out. These people were professionals with years of experience. What could have happened? Are we crazy to expect the pool to be the exact size and have straight, rather than scalloped, edges? What is the industry standard here?

Hi Pam

I have built a ton of Doughboy pools in my forty plus years so I am qualified to answer your questions. You did get one of the best pools made. They always have been and probably always will be.

The bowed tracks on the pool sides are more the norm than an abnormality. They are the way they are supposed to be and Doughboy is not alone in doing this, it is very common.

The measurements from side to side are taken from the widest part. With an empty pool you could measure from the outside of the bottom rails, at the widest part, and get close to 18'. That's the way Doughboy has always been.

Solar covers are meant to be trimmed to fit the pool so that should not be a problem. You should always be able to use a standard 18' wide pool cover, whether it's a winter cover or a solar cover.

I would never try to build a Doughboy pool up next to a deck. I need room around the pool to work, and I especially need room to properly stretch an expandable liner into a deep area.

Decks can be rebuilt, it is much more important to get the pool installed correctly and the liner in smoothly.

I do not understand the answers they gave you. It might be their communication skills need to be better. Based on your post I can't fault what they did, but they could have better explained the process to you.

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