Doughboy Side Top rails Bowing Out

by Bonnie

Doughboy Oval Before Filling

Doughboy Oval Before Filling

We just had a professional install a 18 X 34 oval Doughboy steel with 8.5 inch top rails. after filling it, now it looks like the side top rails aren't straight but bowing out a little. They are level across the top I just worry that the side braces might be sinking or something.I have attached photos of before filling and after. Any input to put my mind at ease??? I haven't called the installer or Doughboy yet, but it's on my list to do.

Hi Bonnie

This does not look very professional to me. The liner does not get set until the water is out of the deep area and near the wall, that's the only way to do it wrinkle free. Like this

Expandable Liner Installation

The left side of the pool does not look too bad but the right side looks like it could start pulling the top rails out of the screws at any time.

Doughboy oval pool braces need to be set leaning in slightly. As the water fills they straighten. A large building block needs to be installed in the rear of each brace. It is also advised that concrete be poured around each block. Had these things all been done the sides should have ended up straight.

Here is a discussion from a short time ago about the preload lean in.

Side Support Leaning

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Aug 27, 2013
by: Bonnie

Update: Thanks for answering my question. Doughboy was very helpful & with a little help, we found another installer to come out and repair it. We did have to get a new liner since the original installer cut the liner and didn't leave enough over the edge to use again. Wolter Pool in Beloit WI where we originally purchased the pool helped out a lot as well. They didn't have an installer who would come to IL or would do the deepend. The new installer had to re-level all the side supports and add the large cinder block and cement and tilt them in. He also had to re-level several of the verticals. We also found the other installer didn't telescope the metal stabilizer bars. They were just in between the top rails. Looking good now & so glad we didn't have to take down the wall as well.

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