Drain My Above Ground Pool Completely

I have an 18ft x 5ft framed pool with an overlap liner that I want to replace. The liner is only a season old but leaked to about two feet deep over winter. I plan on installing the new liner in about a week.

The old one was 15yrs old and since I was limited in time, I couldn't wait for the weather to evaporate the remaining 6" of water out. This made it a nightmare to get the old brittle liner out.

Can I drain with sum-pump and let the sun evaporate the rest without fear of collapsing?


It takes a pretty strong wind to blow an empty pool down, but it can happen. If you are looking at good weather for a week or so it should not be a problem.

If your pool is sunk in the ground that's a different story. You would want to do the liner install as soon as possible.

A pool liner only a year old should be looked at closely before replacing it. It might just have a hole that can be easily patched. If you can't find a hole you may want to take a few minutes before removing the liner and get underneath it. From the underside any hole is visible.

Knowing what caused the liner to leak may save you from having to replace it again next year.

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Apr 29, 2013
Is it not wise to reuse old liners sand ?
by: Robert

Thanks for the feedback. Is it possible that the new liner leaked because I didn't replace the old sand with new? Is it ok to keep the old sand on this replacement and just add a little more to smooth out my not so smooth bottom?

Hi Robert. I seldom add new sand when installing a new liner. I prefer using sand that is already packed. It makes for a much smoother bottom. I use a push broom to smooth the sand. If you can't move it around enough to smooth it, adding some more to the low spots doesn't hurt.

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