Elevated Pool Pad

by Jonathan C
(Grants Pass ,OR ,USA)

We are considering purchasing a 24 foot diameter above ground pool. Our back yard is fairly level with a slight grade. We live near a river and the water table is fairly high. In the summer the ground is nice and dry but come December/January it can get pretty soggy. We live in southwestern Oregon.

All that being considered my thought was to frame in a 30x30 area with ground contact pressure treated 2x8's and fill with crushed gravel, say 3/4 minus, for a total 6 inches and using a plate compactor every 2 inches for compaction and topping off the last two inches with all purpose sand and again using the compactor. In all I think it would look similar to a tightly packed raised garden bed, all leveled of course.

My questions then are: 1) Does this sound like a viable option for the pool we are looking at. 2) Should I even bother with sand as a layer of just go with crushed and compacted gravel up to the top and use sand just inside the pool under the liner. 3) Will a 30x30 box be sufficient for a 24 foot pool?

Thanks much...

Hi Jonathan

It sounds like you have done your home work. The 30 x 30 pad is perfect as is the base material. I would hold off on the sand and use it just inside the pool wall.

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Apr 05, 2018
by: Jonathan C

So, we decided to go with the Intex 32x16 Ultra Frame pool.

We are still going to do the elevated pad, but I have dialed down the PT wood to 2x6's. I will be starting this weekend, weather permitting. I will be creating an enclosed box by 38x22 as the actual dimensions of the pool when taking into account for the bracing/frame structure is actually closer to 34x18. I want to keep roughly 2 feet of clearance on each side of the pool perimeter with the pool being situation "squarely" in the middle of the raid bed.

Again, the plan is to lay down about 4 inches of crushed 3/4 minus gravel, compacting every inch or two, and topping off with at least a 1 inch layer of sand. Since we went with the Ultra Frame pool as opposed to the hard wall/liner round pool this makes sense to me.

At any rate, wondering what your thoughts are.


Jonathan C

Hi What you are doing sounds perfect. It should work out just fine.

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