Ester Williams Pool Dismantling & Reassembly

by DJ
(New York)

A friend of mine wants his 25 year old 15'x 24' Ester Williams pool taken down, he is too ill and elderly to do the job himself so he's hired me to do it for him.

Another neighbor of mine wants the pool for his own yard and is willing to buy it from the owner as it is still in really great (almost like new even for it's age) rust-free shape, and will pay me to reinstall it in his yard once it is dismantled from where it is.

The liner & filter are only about 2 or 3 years old and in like new condition. It was never opened again after the season that the new liner & filter were installed, so it is worth doing condition-wise. I've emptied all the water out, removed the top caps that hold the walls up and together and also keep the liner tracks (J-Channel Tracks?) that are under the caps in place.

I washed the liner, folded and removed it, also rolled up and removed the foam that lined the inside of the walls between the walls and liner.

I have installed and/or removed many pools over the last 20-25 years but I've never seen one quite like this! My trouble is that I do NOT know how to get the shell out of the bottom track and apart! This is NOT the type of cheap aluminum wall pool that you simply lift, roll up and move aside. This looks like it is 165 separate interlocking slats and I have tried just about everything, short of breaking anything, to remove these slats and to no avail. No matter what I've tried none of it will pull up out of the bottom track and none of the 165 sections will come apart, how is this done?

Any old timer's around who've seen one of these style pools? What's the secret to removing the walls? ANY Good help/Advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


I would use plenty of WD40 on the locks of several of the panels. Clean the bottom rail out as best possible and start working the panels back and forth trying to get one to loosen up.

You might also need to pry the lock open slightly on one of the panels, this should help to get it started. Once the first one is out the rest should be easy.

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Jul 20, 2012
Thank You!
by: DJ

Hi, Thank you for your advice, sounds like it would work out that way, and hopefully that will do the trick. At the moment the pool is still up as I haven't had a day to get back on track with that yet due to the heatwave we had and now all the rain we have been having over here.

The past Monday I contacted the "Delair" Co. who had originally manufactured the "Esther Williams" brand pools, I spoke with a very nice, courteous woman who informed me that Delair sold all of it's tooling, patents and designs to a company called "Wilbar International" as of 2010 and that they continue to make the same pool under the "Millennium" name and that the pool I'm dealing with is an original EW "Carnival Pool" and that they were the greatest top of the line above ground pools ever made in the world.

I informed her that she really wasn't kidding there since I have never met a pool so well constructed! She was kind enough to also inform me that she still had some of the assembly sheets and manuals for the pool in her office computer and very kindly quickly offered to, and than did email them right over to me. From what I can make out of these plans it appears that this model has a screw or bolt & nut at the bottom of each and every single wall slat into the bottom track during assembly with a big warning that they are to be removed upon completion of assembly prior to filling the pool with water.

So when I can get back there on it this weekend I will see if it indeed does have any bolts or screws along it's track, as I did not see nor feel any along it when that idea had crossed my mind last weekend and hopefully get 'r done. Thanks again for your help!

Jul 22, 2012
by: Eddie

Hello, I too have an Esther Williams 15x24 pool with an end patio, walk deck, and fence that I am trying to assemble but have no instructions. Can you please help me with this? If you still have the instructions or possibly the contact information for the women you spoke to at Delair.

Thanks, Eddie

Jul 27, 2012
Sure thing!
by: Anonymous

Hey Eddie, Sorry I haven't gotten back to this thread sooner, been very busy with some recent family events, I will be sending you a set of instructions and owners manual in just a minute or two, just be sure to follow the directions exactly and one step at a time as this IS the most difficult pool I have ever dealt with, and hopefully won't see another one for a very long time! Have a great one!

Apr 06, 2013
Owners Manual
by: Anonymous

Can you publish the owners manual? I have a similar problem. Thanks, Bill.

Apr 07, 2013
JW and EW 15x30 with deck
by: Etan

AH! The joys of disassembling and reassembling these well made pools. I took one of these off a gentleman's hands last fall with the intent of putting it in my yard this spring. Well, here we are. I have the original owner's manual and labeled almost every part as I took it down. I used to work for a pool builder who gave me some terrific tips 20 years ago about the proper installation of these babies. He had taken down and assembled and reassembled numerous JW and EW pools. I never thought I would actually be doing it, but when the opportunity arose I jumped on it. The only issue with my pool in particular is the original owner declined the aluminum deck for the end of the pool. He constructed his own deck which failed to support the end of the pool properly leading to the addition of sand at one end while changing the liner 10 years ago. This did not solve the actual problem of the end of the pool wall sinking. All this to say that if you do not construct these pools according to the guidelines intended to be used, you are asking for a world of hurt when it comes to the liner fitting properly, walls standing up properly and the pool lasting another 25 years. They were originally sold with a 60 year warranty. Some replacement parts can be found at

We will be digging at the end of this month (April) so long as we don't have a seriously wet spring. I am located in Western NY. I am going to try to figure out a way to get the instructions I have made available. Any questions feel free to email me at Good luck

Hi Etan

You left another post stating you would like to find the deck for that pool. I thought I would mention that here also.

JW 15x30 Deck

Jun 04, 2014
Ester Williams pool assembly help
by: Nick

I recently was given an Ester Williams extruded aluminum frame 15x24 oval pool. It looks awesome but very intimidating to assemble. Does anyone have any installation manuals they could email?

Thank you in advance

Jun 08, 2014
Ester williams deck instructions
by: Anonymous

I have a JW pool and want to add the aluminum deck. Could you provide me with the assembly manual? Thanks Much

Jul 03, 2014
Ester William
by: Kova Meredith

I would also like the manual for the Ester Williams and what ever else papers someone might have. Thank you so much.

Apr 12, 2015
how can I identify what pool I have
by: GH

its an EW 18x33 end deck walk around tying to find out its height I don't know that info right now but it looks like if it's 52" it may be a Millennium how can I tell? I do have pics of the pool

Thanks in advance for the help Gene

May 07, 2015
Esther Williams assembly 15x24
by: Salli

If anyone has any manuals/diagrams of how to assemble this pool, could you please email to We are really struggling with this pool.

May 13, 2015
EW Pool Installation Instructions
by: Celeste

Another request for EW pool installation instructions...I have a 24R with fence and walkway all around, does anyone have or know where I can find any instructions for installation? I'd be most appreaciate as I haven't had any luck finding myself. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Celeste

May 13, 2015
Esther Williams Carnival 15x30 Manual
by: Jason Kendrick

I bought a 15x30 oval pool that was already taken down. Struggling with the installation. If you could please send me the instructions for this pool or a like model, it would be greatly appreciated.

May 18, 2015
EW 24 by 15 pool (Carnival model)
by: Milton

Hello all. I too just became the proud owner of a 20+ year, 15 by 24 Ester Williams pool. I disassembled it myself and am going to attempt to put it back together at my home. If at all possible, can someone e-mail me the instruction manual? If so, please send to Also, I noticed that the bottom rail was in pretty bad shape. However, I was able to order a replacement from Teddy bear pool located in MA. Just be sure to also order the connecting brackets. As far as taking them apart, once all of the top portions are removed, you have to push them up from the bottom with a bit of force. This may bend the bottom rail but if its a re-install, I would just order a new one to be safe. I also noticed that some of the panels were screwed to the bottom rail so be sure to clear all of the sand away in order to expose them so you do not damage the panels. Thanks guys!

May 20, 2015
Ester williams
by: Anonymous

Good luck on manual. I don't think any of the older comment people check this site anymore. As you can see my comment hasn't been answered yet. Oh well.

May 30, 2015
EW 15x24 install manual
by: Brent

I have copied the installation manual to a pdf for the Esther Williams 15x24 (looks to cover all size EW pools)extruded aluminum pool.

If you need them, feel free to drop me an email.

Sep 16, 2015
EW 16x30
by: Iva Gant

Just bought this pool. If anyone has instructions on how to put it back together, please email it to

Thank you

Oct 09, 2015
Reassembly 15x24
by: Anonymous

I just received a 15X24 Ester Williams pool, 20 years old with no instructions, can you please email me a copy at

May 09, 2016
need instructions on how to assemble EW pool
by: JHelms

just purchased a EW pool from friend and no instructions on how to assemble. This pool has the matching privacy panels. The pool is blue and white, round 24'x 48". Hope some one can help me.

May 12, 2016
Esther Williams 12x21
by: Michelle

Need the installation Manuel for the Esther Williams 12x21 pool Thank you :-)

Jun 05, 2016
Could desperatelyrics use install manual.
by: Ralph

Was given ester williams pool, white and yellow 24' round. Its ring at the bottom was shot. Can I use a vinyl j channel to take its place. Any suggestions out there? Thanks

Jun 06, 2016
Esther Williams 15x30 Carnivalabove ground pool manual
by: Doug

I don't know if anyone is checking this any longer but I need to find someone who has the installation manual for the above mentioned pool. If so can you reply to this with an email address to contact you. Thank you.

Jun 11, 2016
Need assembly Manuel for ester Williams pool
by: Anonymous

rlroberts5938@gmail .com

Please help if you can Thanks

Jun 15, 2016
15 x 24 Manuals
by: Anonymous

I recently was given an Ester Williams extruded aluminum frame 15x24 oval pool with a 6 x 15 aluminum deck. It looks awesome but very intimidating to assemble. Does anyone have any installation manuals they could email?

Thank you in advance.

Cesar Velez

Jun 21, 2016
24 ft round EW
by: Anonymous

Hi I installed mine about 30 years ago. I could not find my instructions. If anyone who has them can e-mail me them I would appreciate very much. I forgot that there were any bolts in the bottom. I will have to remove some of the liner and see as I need a new liner. I also have one damaged section to replace.

Thanks John


Jul 27, 2016
pool decks
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if an 18x33 pool with deck. If the deck can be used on a smaller pool minus a few pieces. Trying to find a deck for a 15x30 with the aluminum slats. Keep seeing 18x33 . Email me at Brad19702@ thanks

Oct 05, 2016
Instructions and parts for monument (millenium, EW)
by: Roxanne Pitts

I found these today. Do not know if will help but the instructions are pretty much the same for all the oval EW pools reguardless of size.



Hope this helps :)

Roxanne Pitts

Apr 24, 2017
Need EW Instruction Manual
by: Steve

Hello, I too am looking for an owners manual for the 18'x33' pool we purchased. It has a platform too so one for that would be greatly appreciated!

Jul 23, 2017
Thank you.
by: Michael

Thank you Roxanne Pitts for the links.
I too own an Ester Williams 15x30 pool now for 24 years and I am currently refurnishing my pool. I've had to replace 16 new panels and skimmer/return panel. (from Teddy Bear pools mind you)

I'm currently awaiting my new pool liner delivery along with foam walls, liner floor protector and foam cove. I had misplaced my original install sheets and your links have made it possible for me to go ahead with this on my own.

Again, thank you for your valuable links.

Michael from NJ

Aug 03, 2017
EW "Lady Esther" RECTANGLE 16 x 30 x 50
by: Valerie

looking for manual on this pool can anyone help ?? I have looked and looked online can fine oval and round but not rectangle Have placed a call into Sharkline but they do not have a manual on this looking to see how far the cross bars sideways and one center line need to go into earth - - assuming 2 - 3 inches but that can go 50 50 sometimes DOES ANYONE know about the rectangle pool?? was in storage for ten years and perfect condition (bought all new accessories, liner, etc)

Oct 19, 2017
need dismantling and reassembly
by: Steve

I need to dismantle a 15' x 48" round Ester Williams Pool. Not sure what style but about 15 years old at least. Not sure how to do this? Not sure what parts need to be indoors for NY winter if any. Not sure how to put it together. What hints would you suggest. what to know about dismantling it? How to find out the style I purchased. Need to move it further away from the fence. Thanks

Apr 24, 2018
Disconnecting liner ring from pool walls
by: Dave

I have been able to get the walk around apart on the pool, but I am having a difficult time removing the ring for the liner. If anyone has any suggestions, please email me at Thank you

Oct 14, 2018
Disassembly and Reassembly Instructions
by: Caryn Wachsmuth

Can I get the disassembly and reassembly instructions for a Ester Williams 21 Round?

Feb 04, 2019
by: Anonymous

I too have purchased a used 14 x 28 Esther Williams pool. Would anyone have a PDF instruction manual for it or one of a comparable size that would be similar in structure with similar construction.

Thanks Rick

Jun 20, 2019
missing manual and supports
by: Stupid

Help, I just purchased a 15 x 24 foot oval Esther Williams carnival pool and it s in great shape but I didn't need the deck, so the person who took the pool down didn't take any of the pieces that supported the deck, but those were also the pieces that supported the sidewalls of the pool. Does anyone know anybody willing to sell (or give) me these supports plus I am desperately searching for the installation manual too.


Jun 26, 2019
parts available
by: Stupid

I now have all of the blue and white slats 48" high for a complete 15 x 24 foot pool available for sale. As well as all of the bottom track pieces and top rail and cap pieces.

Aug 21, 2019
Esther Williams pool manual
by: Gene

I too am in need of a manual for a 24ft round Esther Williams pool. Is this still available. Thanks

Jun 15, 2020
15x30 48" EW Oval w/ Deck
by: Lindsey T

Getting ready to take apart an Esther-Williams Pool from one location and reassemble at my home.

We do not have the owner's manual or assembly instructions. If anyone has this manuel, could you please email it to me? Tips and tricks on this move will also be appreciated!

Esther-Williams Oval 15x30 48" wall with 2' walk around deck and end deck included

Thank you so much!

Jul 04, 2020
15x30 ew manual
by: Anonymous

Does anyone have a manual pdf for ew 15x30?

Jul 13, 2020
Ester Williams 24ft round pool installation manual
by: Katie Vasko

We tore down a white and blue EW 24ft round pool. We will be reinstalling on our property this upcoming weekend. Can we also get the instruction manual for installation. Please and thank you so very much!!

Jun 11, 2021
24ft round
by: krh6446

We are installing a 24ft round pool. We would love a copy of the manual.

Thank you!

Jun 27, 2021
24 ' round with deck
by: Leah

Also needs the instruction manual for the EW/JW
24 x 48 with deck please
Thank you

Apr 27, 2022
Actual pool size?
by: Elton

Hi all, I dissembled this above ground pool last fall. It seems like an Esther Williams with blue and white aluminum interlocking 6 inch panels. It seems to have a 48' height and either 15 or 16 by 24 oval size. When I go online to find a liner replacement for Esther Williams, none of the suppliers have the 16x24' size. They all have 15x24'. Can anyone tell me which is the actual size that the company manufactured at the time? When I measured the width from end to end it seems to be 15 1/2.
This is really frustrating as I don't want to buy a 15x24 liner then realizing it does not fit.
Any feedback is welcomed please. Thank you

May 21, 2022
Esther williams
by: Rick

I just acquired a esther williams millennium . Everything is coming apart good but I am ready to disassemble the walls & not sure if there is a certain panel that you have to start . If you have instructions I would be really thankful

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