Esther Williams Carousel Pool Out of Level

by Ken
(New Jersey)

Hello and thanks for taking my question. I've been reading on pool forums to try to find a reasonable answer to my query below -

I am a new pool owner - rather, a new homeowner that happens to have a ~9 year old Esther Williams 24' Carousel above ground swimming pool. The pool is great and we love it, but there is a noticeable off-level situation with the pool apparently caused by a side of the pool that has sunk somewhat into the ground. There is only a small grapefruit-sized depression (approx 2" deep) on the inside bottom liner near the edge where the most noticeable 'dip' is. It does not leak to our knowledge.

I had a pool company come out to show me the best way to care for my pool, service the Hayward DE filter, and generally discuss chemicals and water testing. I showed him the unevenness and he wasn’t concerned because he said this particular pool is extremely sturdy.

It is most noticeable from the outside when viewing the water line on the liner. I would estimate the differential to be about 1 3/4 - 2" in terms of water height overall. It is to the point where I have to fill the pool to the top on the low side (top of the liner 'border' of blue diamonds) leaving about 2" to the top rail, but on the low side unfortunately is where my skimmer intake in order to ensure the filter is getting enough water, I cannot let the water be too low. Consequently, I fill my pool during heat waves, and in heavy rains, its prone to get too high on the "low" end.

1.) Should I be concerned about potential collapse?

2.) Assuming the situation can be fixed, is this something that can be undertaken at the time of a liner change (liner is 9 years old as well).

3.) Should I wait and monitor? Or fix now

Thanks for any advice, Ken

Hi Ken

Since the pool has been up for nine years it's probably not a situation where the pool is going to collapse. When the liner needs changed is the perfect time to re-level the pool.

To determine how far off level the pool is take a tape measure and measure from the top rail to the water level in several places around the pool. The greatest variance is how far off level your pool is. A pool that is slightly in ground, or has dirt birmed around it, can handle being a lot farther out of level than a pool with no outside support. The type of pool also makes a difference, and yes, the Esther Williams pool is a sturdy one.

So, unless the level is getting worse, it is probably safe to fix it when the liner needs changed.

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Jul 30, 2010
by: Ken

Thanks for the response to this question. I don't think the pool is getting more unlevel...but I have only been in the house a month so I have nothing to base it on other than the situation doesn't appear to look as though it is worsening. The liner will need to be replaced not too far from now, so that will be when I take this issue up and try to get it level again.

Thanks! Ken

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