Esther Williams Pool Liner Height Question

by Frank
(Springfield, pa)

My sister just gave me her 15' x 24' oval Esther Williams pool. I disassembled it last Saturday (in 101 degree heat!)It is in surprisingly good condition for being 15+ years old.

I was in the process of looking into a new beaded liner and realized that there are two possible height options: 48" and 52". I measured the pool wall and it is 51 5/8" high. Does this mean that i just go with a 52" liner based solely on wall height?

I then measured the bead strips that fit over the top of the wall and there is almost 1 5/8" of drop from the top of the pool wall to where the liner actually sits. That brings it down to 50". If I then subtract 2" for the sand base that brings it to 48".

I am new to above ground pool ownership and do not want to order the wrong height. So, pool pro, do I need a 48" liner or a 52" liner? Thanks for any help given!

Also, Is the liner size usually stamped somewhere on the liner? if so, i could look at the old one and maybe find some additional information.

Hi Frank

The liner size is sometimes stamped on the liners, but not always, it just depends on the manufacturer.

I would order the 48" liner. Install it on a hot summer day, in direct sunlight, and you will have no problems.

A 52" liner would probably leave you with a bunch of excess liner on the sides.

Liner sizes usually correlate to the wall height. But with beaded liners I find going one size smaller makes for a much better fit.

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Jul 21, 2012
Bead Question
by: Frank

Thank you for that info. I remember reading on your site where you spoke before of installing for a company on the condition of using the 48" liner only for a 52" pool. Are you familiar with the Esther Williams pools? From what I have read,apparently the bead is somewhat different with them? I was wondering if i could just use the standard bead (or the uni-bead) instead of trying to locate an Esther Williams liner? I wonder how much different the beads are between the two. Have you come across this situation before?


Hi Frank

I am not a hundred percent sure what type of bead you need for that pool. I would call In The Swim. They have liner experts who could answer that question for you.

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