Expandable Liner Installation Question

by Casey

I have a 28' Doughboy round pool and I am replacing the liner. I purchased an expandable 60" liner for the pool. Currently the middle of the pool is at 66" (5'5"), but the sides all around the pool taper to 48" (4').

I was told by the company that because the WHOLE pool is not 60" that the shallower sides will leave enough liner for the deeper middle. Is this accurate?

Hi Casey.

That's a tough question to answer. A Doughboy brand expandable liner will easily go into a deep area up to 2' 6". I have never heard of an expandable liner with a 60" limit. Even so, properly stretched it would probably work just fine.

When they say that because the whole pool is not 60" does not make much sense to me. All above ground pools need a ledge for the pool frame to sit on before the slope to the deep end begins. Because your pool wall is 48" as opposed to 52" or 54" should give you some extra liner should you need it but I can't see you having a problem.

ledge around above ground pool deep end

The photo above shows a Doughboy deep end ready for a liner. The photo below shows the same pool with the liner being installed.

liner installed in round pool deep end

Follow the stretching directions on this page and you should be fine.

Expandable Liner Installation

If you are talking about a non Doughboy expandable liner I would not even consider it. Buying it that is. It would probably fit the pool but I have yet to see an expandable liner install as nicely as a Doughboy brand. If you want a wrinkle free installation spend a few extra dollars and get the best.

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