Expandable Liner

by Tony
(Clear Lake, MN)

How do you prepare the ground (in the deeper area) before you install the liner and before you add the sand for cushion? I am doing a 15 X 30 ft. pool and digging the one end down to 6 ft. The sides are 52" deep.

On the deep end, do you just dig straight down from the sides to the desired depth? I won't be able to get sand to stick to the wall of the pool (deep Side)

Will you get wrinkles in the pool because only 10 ft of the end will be deeper?

Thanks, Tony

Hi Tony.

On this page, Expandable Liner Installation , there are photos that show how the liner gets draped over the top rails pulling the center of the liner just off the ground by a few inches. The water is added and the liner slowly let down as it fills. Be sure there are no sharp edges on the top caps before you begin this type of liner installation.

There are a couple of more photos on the Overlap Liners page.

If you look closely at the first picture on the Vinyl Liner Replacement page you will see the general design of a deep area for an oval above ground pool.

deep end pool ledge for above ground pool

You need a ledge that is large enough for the side bracing structure and pressure plates. This is usually about 3 foot on both sides. This can blend into about a foot and a half ledge at the end of the pool. The two sides and the steep end of the pool need a sharp slope to a similar shape at the pool bottom. The slope coming out of the deep area and into the shallow end is a gradual slope.

There needs to be enough of a slope to allow you to pack sand on it. You cannot have a steep drop off. This may not leave a lot of area in the deepest part but that's the way it needs to be to get a liner installed smooth and wrinkle free.

The amount of wrinkles, if any, will depend on the type of liner and the amount of sunshine during the installation. A Doughboy expandable liner, on a warm sunny day, can be installed with out wrinkles just about every time.

If you see wrinkles developing as you are filling the pool you will need to get inside and work them out as you are adding water. The more water you add, the harder it is to get them out.

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