Expandable Pool Liner for 24 ft Round Above Ground

by Cathy
(Moorhead, Mn)

I have been searching for an expandable pool liner for our round pool that will allow us to have a deep end rather than the a bowl shape with the middle as the deep part. Some sites state that the liner is for a bowled out deep part in the middle and others say nothing at all.

Can I use the one that InTheSwim sells for a middle deep part as an end deep liner?? When I called he did not think that would work. If not, where can I find the right liner - I've spent my whole day trying to figure this out! Thanks for all of the great information on your site! It's nice to have a place to go for answers! Cathy

Hi Cathy

The only liner I have 100% success with is the Doughboy expandable liner. All the others I have ever tried were a mess of wrinkles. Sure, I get in and smooth them all out the best I can, but I should not have to do that. An expandable liner should stretch into a deep end pool, like you describe, with no wrinkles. If any wrinkles, they are minimum, not a mess like the other liners. Check out this expandable liner installation.

Expandable Liner Installation

Doughboy does not pay me to say this, I wish they did, but they make the only liner I would want to install in a deep end pool. In over 40 years of installing I have had to install every brand out there and not one of them comes close to being a true expandable. I call them extra large Glad bags. If the hole is dead center you have a chance of it looking decent, a slim chance. Except the Doughboy, it does not matter where the deep part is, the liner stretches into it.

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