Fancy Liner For Deep End Pool

by Angela
(Downsville, LA)

I am getting ready to replace the vinyl liner in my 28 ft above ground Doughboy pool, however, I'm not sure if the liner I want will work.

I want one of the liners that looks like a Caribbean Reef, but I'm afraid that I am stuck with only two very boring choices in expandable liners.

My pool is 28 ft round, 42 inches deep around the sides, dug to a depth of 60 inches in the middle (like a bowl shape) and has an overlap liner. The liner I want says it's for up to 52 inch sidewalls, which I obviously don't have, but I'm wondering if it will stretch to my max depth of 60 inches?

Does it have a definite bottom seam that's 28 feet or could I order a 30 ft liner to give me the extra material needed to get to that depth?

Hi Angela.

The only liner I would put back into that pool would be a Doughboy expandable liner. I say this for several reasons.

The fancy liner you are talking about is for a flat bottom installation only. Do not try to expand this liner. They are not nearly the quality of a Doughboy liner and the seams should not be stressed in this manor.

Do not go with a larger size liner. A 30' liner in a 28' pool would leave the sides full of wrinkles. The extra liner would not only be across the bottom, it would be all around the outer edge and nothing but a mess of wrinkles.

There is no other brand of liner that can be installed wrinkle free like a Doughboy. They do not pay me to say that, I just know from experience. The liner being installed in this pool is a Doughboy.

Expandable Liner Installation

With any other brand of liner I wind up inside the pool pushing out wrinkles. With a Doughboy you stretch them in and never have to get inside to leave footprints and a lumpy bottom.

expandable liner installed in deep end pool

The colors may be boring, but the quality more than makes up for it.

Another thing about fancy liners is they just don't stay that way. They fade in the sun or get chlorine stains in them. A few years down the road they do not look nearly as fancy. It's plain blue for me, every time.

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