Filter Blowing Sand Into Pool

I have an old Jacuzzi sand filter (17") and a brand new Hayward lx pro pump (1 1/2 hp) hooked up to my 24' round agp.

Got everything hooked up today, put 2 1/2 fifty lb bags of filter sand in, backwashed and rinsed the sand, and then set it to filter. Took a long time for it to prime and once it did it was blowing sand into the pool.

Also, it was surging. I set it to whirl pool (blower only) and no sand....sigh, thought I was all done... So it continues. This has not been a pleasant experience (recently installed the pool).



I have several comments to make based on the information you have provided. The sand blowing back into your pool could be caused by possibly to much sand, possibly a tear in one of the laterals, if the filter has them, or most likely a worn out spider gasket. If the filter has a multi port valve there is a gasket that is prone to wearing out and needing replaced. Once this is done the sand should stop blowing back into the pool.

One of my big concerns is matching a 1 1/2 HP pump with only 125 lbs of media. That much HP will be blowing a lot of dirt through the sand, it's not enough media for that size pump. A better match would be a 3/4 HP. My favorite would be a two speed pump where you could filter with 3/4 and do you cleaning chores with 1 1/2 HP.

My last consideration would be the number of returns you have. 1 1/2 HP performs much better with two returns. It needs the second port to return the water to the pool in an effective manor. With just one return the pressure backs up in the system causing other problems.

You also mentioned gurgling. The most common cause for this is an air leak somewhere in the system. Most air leaks will suck air with the system running and leak water when the pump is off. This might be an easy way to find it.

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Jun 05, 2011
by: jason

Thanks for the response.

The multi port switch is brand new and has a brand new gasket. All off the laterals are on and in good shape.

I had one pool guy tell me that the 1.5hp was too much for the small filter but two others told me that it would be fine. I only have the one return.

I did see weeping from one of my return pvc pipe fittings and planned on fixing that tomorrow with some added teflon tape.

I have no idea of what the capacity is for this filter as far as how many pounds of sand so as I mentioned I put in approximately 125lbs which was not full. Any way to make this 1.5hp pump work? I don't even recall the website that I purchased it from so I don't have any way to return it.

thanks again!

Hi Jason. The tank should be about two thirds full of sand. My only other suggestion would be to add a second return and see if that helps the flow of water.

Aug 23, 2012
blowing sand
by: jason

Turns out, there was a hole in the return pipe where the laterals hook in to it. Patched that hole and viola! Working great

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