Leaking Skimmer Hose

by Linda K
(Hampstead NC)

I have a 24 round above ground pool. The hose that leads from the bottom of the skimmer basket is leaking from the top no matter how tight we make the clamp. I just replaced the old hose. What are we doing wrong?

Hi Linda.

Getting a flex hose to not leak can take some trial and error, even for an old pro. Here are some of the things I do to stop that annoying drip. I first remove the hose and reposition it and re-tighten the clamp. Next I would again remove the hose and check the inside for burs. Sometimes using a razor blade to help smooth inside the hose helps. Next I would try adding a second clamp. Many times this does the trick. If it still drips you can either change the fitting with a new one or you could wrap some Teflon tape around the fitting. Tightly taping the fitting will make it slightly larger and many times the hose will fit tighter and not leak.

Another trick I have heard about but never used is to soak the hose in very hot water before you install it. As the hose cools down it should mold tightly around the fitting.

I hope one of these ideas help.

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Sep 09, 2008
leaking hose
by: Linda

We did use the teflon tape inside and out, it worked no more leak..
Thank You

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Leak in the Return Line

by Amy

I have an above ground pool that came with the house we have just purchased. It is driving me and my husbands nuts.

Now we have a leak near the return valve. Can you tell us what we should do?

Hi Amy.

I just have one question before I get started, just how many husbands do you have? Kidding of course.

A leak near the return valve could mean a lot of different things. If you mean the valve assembly on the top of a sand filter, it probably needs the spider gasket changed. The top of the assembly unscrews and can be removed. The gasket should then be taken out and taken to the pool store to match with a new one.

If the leak is in the fitting coming out of the assembly it should be removed and resealed. I would use Teflon tape and the liquid form of Teflon called T+2.

Normally the term return valve is used when a valve is placed in the solid plumbing of a return line. These valves can be easily replaced but it does require some plumbing skills. You would need to cut and splice the PVC pipe to install a new valve.

It is also possible you are referring to the return fitting on the side of the pool. The most common of these is a Hayward return and they are very prone to leaking. If the return has a large white nut on the outside, it is probably a Hayward. You can start by tightening the nut with a large pair of channel locks. If the fitting has developed cracks, as so many of them do, tightening the nut will not help. The fitting would need to be replaced.

If I have not hit on your problem, or if you have more questions, use the comments button and leave as much information as you can.

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