Foam Pool Base

by Kimm Dilling
(Ehrhardt, SC)

I am going to be installing a 30' AG pool. I see that someone used foam sheeting instead of sand. What kind of sheeting is this?

I have ordered the pool coving with the pool and would like to use a foam bottom. I also have the gorilla pad on its way.

Hi Kimm.

4 x 8 sheets of either 1" or 1 1/2" Styrofoam make a very nice cushion for the liner. Start by laying out as many of the full sheets as possible and then tape them all together. Now you can start cutting and fitting in the small pieces and curved sections. If you are going to use the Gorilla pad it should go on next. Get the pad to lay as flat as possible and then cut it to fit just inside of the pool wall. The pad tends to move easily so I would tape that in place. The last pieces to go in would be the preformed pool cove. Make sure all of the seams are taped.

You are now ready for a liner. Best of luck.

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May 05, 2010
Pool Bottom
by: Joe

We are about to install an above ground pool, and i was wondering,if you use the foam as a bottom, do you still have to use sand?

Hi Joe, No you don't. If you use any sand at all use just enough to smooth the ground out.

May 04, 2013
Patio steps or bricks
by: Ashley

We are installing a 26 foot intex ultra frame pool. We have a level base of soil measuring 28 feet diameter. We are planning on using foam for the next layer on our base. But now I am stumped... The foam goes down, and then the pool walls go AROUND the foam. What about the foundation for the pool legs? Do you just put patio steps under them, flush with the foam???? Will they not, over time, sink lower into the ground than the pool liner (b/c the pool liner will be on the foam) Also, where layer does the tarp go down? Any advice would be much appreciated!!!

Hi Ashley The foam going inside the wall is just for steel wall pools. For an Intex pool you would build the entire pool on your foam, extending the foam out beyond the pool by a couple of feet. I would also cut into the foam under all the feet and insert a block of some sort. I thing over time the footplates would sink into the foam if you didn't.

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