Forgot to Remove Light

by Desiree

Hi I installed liner for the first time and I forgot to remove the light. I know I'm crazy. Can I cut the hole smaller and stretch around light and then put cover on?

Hi Desiree

Yes, it is very possible. I know it works because I have done it many times. When I would do it was because I was unable to remove the fitting. Some people glue stuff to the outside of their returns making them impossible to remove. If I can loosen them enough to slip the liner over, and behind, I can make it work.

First off, I assume you are talking about a vinyl liner in an above ground pool and the light is in the hole normally used by the return fitting.

Cutting the liner in this way is tricky business, if it is possible to drain a foot or so of water from the pool, pull the liner back, remove the light and then cut the hole, that's best. But either way should work.

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