Frame Pool On Sand

by Kristena calhoun
(Panama City, FL)

I bought a 15 x 48 Proseries metal frame AGP. Thought is was level and because my yard is nothing but sand (I live in florida) I put the legs on top of bricks. Filled the pool almost all the way and then noticed that it did not seem level and there was water on the ground next to the pool so apparently I have a leak somewhere but can't see where it is coming from.

I have also noticed that the pressure of the water has moved the legs partially off the bricks and brick corners could be seen partially on the bottom of the pool.

I have also realized that the sand is going to eventually wash away from under the legs of the pool. I have started to drain the pool and try to fix everything. How can I make sure that it stays level? We get a lot of rain here. How can I make sand level and not become unlevel the minute I put the pool together and fill it? Also, how do I find where the leak may be coming from?

Hi Kristena

My first thought would be to cover the sandy area with a tarp or some indoor outdoor carpeting. Extend it well beyond the pool and it should hold the sand in place.

I would water the sand and pack it good before using the tarp and setting the pool, this would help keep it level while you worked.

Setting the pool on carpet might mean you don't need blocks. If you do use them pull them back far enough to not touch the pool, or pad them with something like carpet.

Finding the hole means crawling around on your hands and knees searching, no magic formula here. The fist places I would look would be anyplace the pool came in contact with the blocks.

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May 29, 2014
Amateur so have more questions
by: Kristena

I think the leak is coming from the very bottom seam. I looked where my bricks are and the places where the water is located at the bricks are not poking thru there. How do I find the hole if it is not visible or in the seam? I have a tarp under the pool already(it came with the pool) I would post a picture but I am not using a computer and therefore can not shrink the picture. I like the carpet idea. So I can just lay down outside carpet on top of the sand and put the pool on it and that should secure it? This will work without putting a barrier around ( I believe it's called a cove) the pool?

Hi again

The carpet should work as is, at least it is worth a try. The only other thing, besides the hands and knees searching method, is to use some food coloring. Food coloring dripped into the pool should lead you to the hole, at least that's what I have heard. It's worth a try.

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