Freeze Causes Wall To Buckle

by Dawn

Water on Cover

Water on Cover

We replaced a new 24' round 52" tall pool on an already existing site that was home to a 24' round 48" tall pool in the spring of '09. No excavation was needed, just some extra sand. Backfill with landscaping was done on the opposite side of the existing deck around the pool wall.

To close our pool for the winter we lower the water, put an air pillow in, apply the winter cover, we secure the winter cover directly to the uprights via cable holders.

We had a bad winter with a lot of snow fall and rain this spring. When we were pumping the water off the cover we noticed the pool wall buckling along the ground where the backfill is located (this is also the same location as the water on the cover). The wall underneath the deck with no backfill around it doesn't have any buckles.

We have had no problems with our pool until this spring of '11.

What can be some causes of this and how do we fix.....See attached photos

Thanks, Dawn

Hi Dawn

That kind of damage occurs when the ground freezes and raises the bottom rail and footplates. Some of that might go away as the ground thaws. Whatever is left is probably not enough damage to worry about.

It is my opinion that the damage to the bottom of the wall had nothing to do with the way the cover was fastened to the uprights. The top of the wall would have buckled if that was the problem.

It would be difficult to completely straighten the wall without draining the pool. If you drain the pool you run the risk of having to replace the liner. I would just keep an eye on that area to be sure it does not get any worse. When the time comes you do need a liner change would be the time to fix it.

A mallet on one side and a piece of lumber on the other can flatten a wall out quickly.

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