Gaps In A Foam Pool Base

by Ed Guittar
(St Peters Mo)

I have had a 1" foam pool bottom since my last liner install. I love the bottom except the foam pieces have separated in some places up to a 1/2". I used duct tape on the seams, but am wondering if you have any advice for me to insure that this does not happen again.

I am installing a new liner and have 30 years experience with different types of bottoms for pools. This is the first time I have had this problem, I also used foam curved coving around the edges and taped those in. The only thing I can think to do is to use more tape on the seams or put some other thin material over the 1" foam.

Please help. Thanks Ed

Hi Ed.

You might try a combination of using more tape and maybe a thin foam pool cushion over the foam sheets. That might just take care of the problem.

I also had a foam base and loved it. I had very minor separation, never enough to bother me.

With two or three rows of tape covering the seams the worst you will ever have is a slight groove. It should never get bad enough to damage the liner in any way. The thin foam pad over top of the sheets and the tape might be the answer. Let us know how it goes.

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Sep 08, 2013
gaps in foam base
by: Charlene

I recently had my 27' pool installed with a foam bottom. Almost immediately I started seeing cracks in the foam. One crack is about an inch wide now. Will this damage my liner?

Hi. Without seeing it, it's hard to say how dangerous it is. One inch sounds a bit extreme. When I did mine I used plenty of duct tape over the seams. I may have had a few gaps the settled slightly, but nothing I was ever worried about.

You did not mention how thick the foam is. A one inch gap with an inch and a half foam could pose a problem. One inch foam would not be so bad. It also depends on if the liner is resting on the ground below the foam, if so, are there any sharp rocks?

I would sure keep a close eye on it.

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