Gorilla Pad with Styrofoam and Sand

by Tim
(Saginaw, MI)

I love your wealth of information here. I just sent you the donation, but couldn't wait for the "VIP address", so I am writing now.

I am putting up an 18' round pool, and am currently working on finish leveling the ground. I am getting close, but there are still a few small areas that dip down by about 1/2". Is this OK?

I then plan on coming in with the sand overtop (after a good dosing of grass and week killer... just to make sure no roots that may have survived my sod rip-out remain). First, will these small "dips" be OK?

Unfortunately, I didn't come across your site until after I ordered a Gorilla Pad. My question is whether or not this might still be worthwhile, if for nothing else than protection against any grass that may have survived both a weed kill and/or my ground leveling? Or, should I attempt to send it back before I open it up?

From reading about the styrofoam, I kind of like this idea as a softer base for the foot traffic in the pool. Would the proper procedure be:

1) Add a little sand base (could it be less since I am looking at utilizing the foam?)

2) Add Gorilla Pad (if you think it is worthwhile)

3) Add Styrofoam base

4) Add coving (pre-formed)

Finally, won't the styrofoam have foot prints from all the walking on it while laying out and taping? Or, will this all get "leveled" out under the extreme water pressure when filling the liner?

Sorry for going so long!

Hi Tim.

I have used the foam many times and never had a problem with footprints. Your order is correct and the gorilla pad is very optional. It might help with weed control but the foam will do the same thing. If it were mine I would get my money back.

A small amount of sand is perfect for minor leveling before laying out the foam.

When you order the cove be sure and purchase the tape back type so it can be stuck to the wall over top of the foam.

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May 02, 2010
by: Tim

Thanks for your unbelievable quick response! I will probably send the Gorilla pad back. Even having to pay shipping back and possibly a small restock fee still saves money!

Luckily, I ordered the cove with the sticky back. Too bad it is raining here today... but if nothing else, can now easily visually see any areas that might be lower more than a simply 1/2"!

Tim. I look forward to helping you with this pool installation. Send me plenty of photos as you progress so I can offer advice when needed.

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