Help Finding Pool Parts

by Stephen Laudenslager
(Weaver, AL USA)

Caps for a Solara 18' by 54" Above Ground Pool

I understand that the makers of Solara above ground pools are out of business. Is there anywhere I can buy rail caps for a Solara 18' by 54" above ground pool. Are there any type of rail caps that would fit the Solara pool? Thanks for any help you can give.


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May 03, 2013
pool parts
by: Anonymous

Alcazar oval 12x18 above ground pool. I am looking for rail clamps for this pool. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Tidewater Pool Parts

by William Residorff
(El Dorado, AR)

I am try to find the top rails listed below. can anyone help?

All pieces are GRAY. 6" frame Tidewater pool.

Mfg's PN #
(9) T2985-52 plain coping

(2) T2985-52-41 no dive coping

(1) T2985-52-45 no dive pictograph

(12) T2979-33 coping covers

A visitor Posted

I think we may have the same pool judging by the numbers that you posted. This would be a delaire pool *manufactured by delaire*. The place to go for parts is I have been searching and searching to find out what my pool is and as we have it, your numbers sure seem to match some of mine! The numbers on the foot plate of this pool T-2989 and on the caps I found some that were T-2980-XX and T2981. If you get a chance, can you email me a picture of your pool? I sure would appreciate it! By the way, how old is your pool? I am curious of the production date. I bought mine used.... :D Good luck with those parts, on the delaire website it says to go to the site I gave above. If they don't show it on the site I gave you, call them. They are the one's responsible for helping to find any parts needed for pools manufactured by Delaire from my understanding.

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Bermuda King

by Chip
(Niles, Ohio)

Bermuda King Above Ground Pool

Bermuda King Above Ground Pool

I purchased a Bermuda King pool, 20 yrs old. it is 24 ft round 48" deep. When I got to the bottom track it was completely rotted. I need ideas for a replacement track.

Lisa was nice enough to offer this information.

We own a Bermuda King just like this one for 22 years, just bought liner from company he says he has all the parts you need for this pool.

Hope this helps.

Bermuda King Pool Parts

by: Anonymous

Are these pools generally 24 by 48? I purchased a use pool, that is exactly the same as this one. However the old owner says it was measured with deck at 33ft and without 27. It makes more sense to me that it is 24 ft.

Please advise. Thanks

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May 21, 2013
Critical Design Flaw
by: Rob

I know this post is old, but after picking up a used Bermuda King I noticed several design problems. But, the most compelling is the vertical supports. The issue is they are not capped. This leaves there orientation under the decking a problem. What happens is that water is splashed up on the decks and open to fall into and sometimes fill the vertical supports. This means that the supports act as a hopper for water to slowly seep to the base plate and steadily corrode the bottom edge of the wall and track. It also degrades the integrity of the cove. And most problematic is that water trapped in the supports in the winter will freeze, expand and bulge and sometimes split the support itself. I noticed the track when I moved the pool was so badly corroded at the base plates, it literally fell apart. While the track in between each support was fine. I would recommend to anybody reassembling this pool or changing the liner to cap with either aluminum tape or other means the vertical supports. It really will not take long for the chlorine to to corroded the aluminum. The pool I moved was only 8 years old, but I can all but guarantee was on the verge of failure structurally.

Mar 15, 2014
Bermuda king pool
by: Tracey

I have a Bermuda King pool and it's probably 15-20 yrs old. The pool wall has ripped in 3 spots and is rotting at the bottom as well as the tracking. I'd like to buy replacement parts but, can't find where and who to get them from. I am the second owner of this pool so this is why I don't have any information about it. Does anyone know where I can get replacement parts or what company makes them?

May 27, 2014
Scrap out the "king" and get new pool
by: Scootter1961

I've been working on a Bermuda King for awhile now and the only suggestion I have is BUY NEW! Here's the number for Steve or Walter @ Ramco, the only supplier I've found for your (my) pool. 1-800-288-8423. I've got to order new bottom rails (225.00+ freight) and liner (675.00+ freight) I've heard nothing but bad things about this pool and it's design flaws.
Good luck

May 31, 2014
Bermuda King wall help
by: Anonymous

I just recently purchased the wall and liner for this pool. The book he sent shows the wall interlocking at the ends...this is not possible best I can tell due to the rivets that have been installed. Any help!

May 19, 2015
Can help
by: Anonymous

I have all parts you need cheap please call 401-828-3293

Aug 04, 2015
by: Tony

I have a Bermuda king pool, 24x48. I have all parts except for the top rail caps. if anything is needed please let me know.

Jun 04, 2017
where to find your parts
by: Anonymous

CALL 1-800-288-8423 ask for walter!

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Mirage Pool Flex Rail Clamp

by Robert Hartrick
(Dale, NY)

I have a 2006 27 ft. dia. above ground Mirage Pool. At every seam there is a rubber cover I think is called a Flex Rail Clamp which snaps over the seam. There are 19 of these in total. Do you sell these and how much and how do I order them. Thank you my email address is

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