Hercules Skimmer Leaking

by Stacey

We recently bought a house with a 24 foot above ground El Dorado pool. Last year when it was opened the skimmer was leaking. We have tried to tighten the screws and wanted to know about getting parts or replacing the whole skimmer but can't seem to find any parts that match up.

It is a Hercules s360 with inner measurements of 7x12 and outer measurements of 9 3/4. Any ideas where I could get a replacement skimmer for this pool or should I just need the skimmer gasket and where could I get that. It has been caulked a few times but still leaks.

Thanks, Stacey

Hi Stacey.

Caulking a skimmer is never a good thing. It seams like it never solves the problem. I would recommend replacing the gaskets.

There are only a couple of reasons why you would want to replace the entire unit. If the screw holes are stripped and will not tighten is one of the reasons. The other is if the skimmer itself is falling apart.

Sometimes the faceplate gets worn and needs replaced, if so, this can be purchased where ever you find the gaskets.

Most above ground pools use one of the two standard Hayward skimmer patterns. Since yours is not the small square, the standard skimmer, it's probably the wide mouth. Your measurements are about that of a Hayward wide mouth skimmer so I would start with that.

Hayward products are about the most common, whether you have an above ground, or an in ground pool. Finding them at most any pool store should not be difficult. I would lower the water level of your pool to just below the skimmer. You could then remove the faceplate and take it around to a few pool stores and try to match it up.

More than likely you will find someone who can either sell you the parts you need, or point you in the right direction.

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Jul 21, 2011
Hercules skimmer
by: Anonymous

There is no Hayward skimmer that is anything like the one she has. All skimmers today connect through the face plate. Her skimmer has bolts that screw in that are on the outside of the face plate. I found one place that had the gaskets for this skimmer, but no one has a replacement for it.

Aug 01, 2011
Skimmer Gasket
by: Anonymous

I know very little about pools. I did work for a gasket mfg. co.,though. They can match up your gasket material and custom cut to match your gasket. It was fairly inexpensive to do this as I recall.

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